Myths and Facts about Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Charlotte Miller

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A man with low testosterone lacks enough testosterone in his body. As boys grow into men, testosterone is their sex hormone. At the time of puberty in boys, testosterone aids in the development of masculine features like facial hair, body hair, and muscle strength. A man cannot produce sperm without testosterone.

Nowadays, advertisements tout the benefits of low testosterone therapy everywhere. However, the hype has led to many misconceptions about “low T” and its treatment. The use of testosterone replacement therapy online has risen, so there is a lot of confusion. Listed below are the facts to help you understand myths about low testosterone.

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It is normal to lose testosterone as you get older—Myth #1

Low testosterone: is it inevitable? A common misconception prevents many men from seeking treatment. The ratio of testosterone to estrogen decreases with age, so as men grow older, there is a normal decline in testosterone levels. However, testosterone can drop far below the healthy level in some men.

Some health problems can be caused by deficient testosterone. For example, fatigue, muscle loss, and a decreased ability to perform exercises may occur. Men may also experience difficulty concentrating, decreased interest in sex, erectile dysfunction, and depression.

Low testosterone only affects older men—Myth #2

It does not discriminate by age when it comes to this health problem. Any man can suffer from low testosterone levels and affect older men. There are some signs of low testosterone levels, like getting diagnosed is the first step. Your physician must evaluate your symptoms and order blood tests to check various hormone levels.

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Sperm count increases with testosterone replacement—Myth #3

Increasing sperm count is one thing that testosterone therapy cannot accomplish. There is a myth that testosterone replacement will increase your sperm count. But that’s not true. Instead, the medication reduces sperm count. TRT is an option for men with low testosterone levels, while various approaches are available, including creams, gels, patches, pills, injections, and pills. An increase in libido and energy can be achieved with testosterone replacement therapy. The therapy may also improve bone density and strength.

Results aren’t immediate, however. Getting back to normal with testosterone replacement will not make you feel great; it will just bring you back to your old self.

The replacement of testosterone increases the risk of heart disease and cancer—Myth #4

An early study found that men with replacement heart valves have increased heart attack risks, but more data has emerged since then. Recent studies show testosterone supplements can reduce cardiovascular events. Furthermore, cancer concerns are unfounded. It is controversial to replace testosterone in prostate cancer patients already diagnosed with the disease.

Ordering testosterone supplementation online is safe—Myth #5

A physician can prescribe testosterone medications only if they are controlled substances. Men who use testosterone without medical supervision are at risk for several side effects. Your body may not produce testosterone if you use excessive amounts of testosterone. Your breasts may also become enlarged if you use excessive amounts of testosterone. You may suffer blood clots and strokes if you have very high testosterone levels.

An appropriate diagnosis should be obtained from a urologist or endocrinologist. That will help rule out other serious medical problems causing your symptoms. It is also important that your testosterone levels are monitored closely not to go too high or too low.