Mukesh Ambani to launch a digital currency!

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Cryptocurrencies are not failing at all to make it to the headlines. Recently, big news arrived that one of India’s richest men is about to launch its digital currency. Reliance, the parent company of many fortune companies, plans to introduce a cryptocurrency in India. 

Reliance Jio has proved its significance in the telecom sector by offering massive discounts and diminishing the Reliance of competing companies. Aakash Ambani will be leading this project with a team of many cryptocurrency experts aged 20 above. Visit Bitcoin Victory to get a detailed guide to cryptocurrency trading. Below is a complete explanation of Reliance’s cryptocurrency and how it will dominate other local cryptocurrencies of India. 

Reliance to Explore Blockchain!

  • As discussed above, Aakash will lead the cryptocurrency team to develop a robust network. Mukesh Ambani has two sons and the younger one is Aakash Ambani. Mukesh Ambani is an entrepreneur and one of the richest men in India. The spot net worth of Mukesh Ambani is $40 billion and the second leading most affluent group of India is Adani Group. 
  • The parental company, Reliance is seeking to explore the application of a digital ledger in the marketplace. You might have heard that Reliance is about to enter the e-commerce industry, and the immense use case of blockchain in e-commerce has made this company analyze the blockchain.  
  • Blockchain is a standard term in the cryptocurrency marketplace, and it is widespread amongst digital coin enthusiasts. Blockchain is an endless virtual ledger as it will keep adding newer blocks after each set of exchanges. 
  • Satoshi Nakamoto envisaged this technical aspect, and now advanced blockchain models are ruling the decentralized finance industry. Dedicated blockchain like ethereum and Solana are immensely hot in the decentralized industry. 

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Can Reliance bring drastic changes in the monetary system with Jio Coin!

With the introduction of a cryptocurrency, Reliance, the parent company of Jio, have announced many changes in the monetary system. As per reports, Reliance has claimed to reshape the forthcoming reshape the future of India. The digital coin that Jio will create will offer end to end encrypted transactions. In short, businesses will be able to avail themselves of many advantages from the Jiocoin. 

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Why is Reliance considering creating a cryptocurrency?

The developing country India is full of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. People from rural areas involved in cryptocurrency mining make a handsome income per month. Undeniably, the population of educated people cryptocurrency marketplace is a bit less as the majority of the people investors invest in these digital coins due to peer pressure. Still, institutional investors like Mukesh Ambani and Radha Kishan Damani are attracted to these virtual coins. Recently Anand Mahindra was also rumoured to invest in bitcoin, but later, the owner of Mahindra Corporation denied and spotted some fake news.

India is in excellent condition of adopting virtual coins. When it came to making gains with digital currencies, India was one of the leading countries last year. Even kids made a hell of a lot of money with digital coins and NFTs. The NFT creators in India are on a roll these days as artists create digital artwork and mint it as NFT to make money. After minting the digital artwork into NFT, these creators list them on a marketplace. 

Will the Reserve Bank of India allow such operations?

Reserve Bank of India, abbreviated as RBI, seems concerned about the illicit use case and lack of education regarding digital currencies. After getting influenced by institutional investors, many investors lost their money in this marketplace. However, there is no definite bill regarding the use case of digital currency so far in India. 

There were rumours of the bill getting tabled on the winter session of parliament. But the government authorities failed to compose a crisp bill regarding digital coins. If India releases a cryptocurrency bill in the public domain, it will ban all the private currencies as per the report. 

The significant disparity between standard cryptocurrency and privacy-focused digital currencies is a private digital ledger. The bill is about to come that will specify the utility and regulations regarding digital currency. However, as per reports, public cryptocurrency will be allowed to operate, and Mukesh Ambani will have permission to run this project. 

The portion mentioned above describes Mukesh Ambani releasing a private currency. 


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