Most watched Bitcoin documentaries (2023)

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Most watched Bitcoin documentaries (2023)

A documentary based on cryptocurrency, especially on Bitcoin, is an innovative way to promote the significance and use of cryptocurrency so that the maximum number of persons can adopt and take advantage of the same. However, the role of the documentary is specifically to educate and intimate the people about crypto space. This would also clarify the complicated concepts and latest technology to explore cryptocurrency on a large level to the audience. Blockchain is a critical component of democracy. Moreover, documentaries are also helpful to provide historical context for further development in the future. 

Must Watch Bitcoin documentaries

The origin of the first documentaryThe Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” (2014)

This documentary was released in the year of 2014. The film is expressing the development phase of Bitcoin and the role of cryptocurrency to punish the bitcoin public. The film also included the earlier time of bitcoin when an unknown person whose name is supposed to be Satoshi Nakamoto originates bitcoin and the struggling days of bitcoin to belong popular. 

The documentary involved several interviews regarding the bitcoin industry among its users and investors to know its key features of it and insight into the crypto technology, its culture, and also the potential capability of Bitcoin as well. There are also some Bitcoin ability exams to test to disrupt the financial system along with the challenges and the risk related to the use of virtual currency.

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After the release of the first documentary the second was about Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know It” (2015)

Bitcoin: one more documentary named The End of Money was published in 2015 which examines the BTC impacts on the universal financial system and also the futuristic picture of Bitcoin. It Includes how bitcoin is different from other traditional currencies such as fiat currency in respect of its decentralized nature and implementation of Blockchain technology. 

Moreover, the democratic comparison is also mentioned in this documentary to assess financial services to the individual and to those businesses which were either banked or in the process of being banked. The potential for bitcoin to disturb the traditional financial system such as banks and governments along with the problems brought by its privacy features and monetary policies as well. 

Concepts of “Banking on Bitcoin” (2016)

In 2016, one more documentary was released in the digital world named “king on Bitcoin”. In which the earlier days of bitcoin were described broadly so atoe its development in a beer way. As per the firm documentary, the oin was created by the person Satoshi Nakamoto after the bitcoin community was successively disclosed. The first transaction of bitcoin as processed was also mentioned in the documentary. Moreover, when the first bitcoin exchange platform was built, the on-and-off period of the bitcoin in the  BTC marketplace was shown in the documentary. Some interviews were held with some important professionals in the Bitcoin industry. The investors who offered their viewpoints on the crypto technology were also mentioned in the film. Moreover, the legal and regulatory problems which occurred in the bitcoin industry currently exist are also discussed in the movie based on bitcoin.

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The revolution brought by the crypto market as discussed in Magic Money: The Bitcoin Revolution” (2017)

The Magic money, a documentary based on the revolution that occurred in 2017 is one of the prominent documentary films based on. However, the movie again explores the disruptive effects of bitcoin on the financial market and also gives light on the potential of Bitcoin. The film took the characteristics of bitcoin and compared its blockchain technology with all other currencies as per its decentralized structure. The movie gives its viewpoint on both the potential and financial inclusiveness of bitcoin along with how to avoid traditional financial intermediaries where its disadvantages such as chances of illegal activities and lack of regulations were also mentioned in the documentary film. The interest of investors and organizations which are well-established in the crypto market were also examined in the film. The government’s interest in the cryptocurrency industry can also be seen in this movie.

Wrapping up

The documentary movies are a mirror of the early times of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin which provide a lot of information regarding cryptocurrency use, its impact on financial health, its advantages and disadvantages as per future aspects, and much more information to make it easy for the investors to how to utilize the ongoing benefits from the trending currency.