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Parental control apps have gained popularity. They have proven very helpful in dealing with parenting issues smartly. But, monitoring for iPhones is still limited, and parents who and whose children use iOS devices, face difficulty in managing their kids’ activities on phones.

Whether iPhone or android, this age demands you to monitor your kids’ activities particularly, what they are involved in online. Considering this need, we conducted research to look for the best parental control app for iPhone that can facilitate to a maximum extent in this regard.

Though we could consider many apps that provide some specific features for iPhone no app comes close to FamilyTime in the race. It manages to provide a plethora of features for both operating systems and also computer desktops.

Here are the FamilyTime iPhone parental control features that it provides for the iPhone users. 

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Time Limit Features 

FamilyTime parental control app allows you to limit the screen time of your children on any operating system. This is quite easy to operate. All you have to do is set the features as per your requirements and the app will lock the device when the limit is met. 

Also, it allows you to restrict the access of your kid to the device by setting customized locks during lunchtime, bedtime, or homework time, etc.

Content Filtering Features

This app provides quite extensive monitoring to filter the contents that you do not find appropriate for your child. Unlike other apps that do not provide direct access to the content their child is exposing to, FamilyTime entertains this feature even in iOS. You can filter films, TV programs, apps, adult websites, and many more features.  

It allows you to block almost every type of content that is not suitable for your child’s age. Also, you can block access to adult books or unwanted literature from iBook’s. 

You can watch the web search history of your child to check whether they are involved in safe activities or not. 

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SOS Panic Alert Feature

Well, this feature is provided by some other apps, too but they fail to introduce it to iOS. FamilyTime takes the lead here, too. 

If your child is in an emergency, he can inform you with one click. This app also helps you in reaching your child after that. Following the location, you can reach your kid quite smoothly.

This feature is an important reason why we find this app the best one facilitating both parents and children across multiple platforms. 

Contacts Monitoring Features

Here’s another feature that this app provides to handle your parental responsibilities with better efficiency and minimum effort. Bad company and bullies can prove very dangerous for your child. So, how to keep a watch over them.

The phone is the key to every information about your child. Check the persons in the contact list of your child with email IDs. Also, ask the child about the persons they trust and contact the most. This can help you identify harmful contacts and counsel your children about them.

Also, if your kids are not responding and you are worried, you can count on their friends’ contacts and get to know their whereabouts.

Geofencing and Locating Features

Be a virtual guide to your children and tell which areas they should not visit. Geofencing the locations that you do not want them to visit will send them a reminder and you a notification that they are surpassing the virtual boundary. 

Also, to stay connected to your kids and teens, you can always follow their location or check it for satisfaction. 

Safe Drive Features 

Teens are adventurous and full of energy. They would drive rashly when they are in the mood. You should stop them before they meet any accident. Set a safe speed limit and get notified when your kids exceed it.

Our Word

We believe in the power of parenting because only this can shape a child’s personality and make them better human beings. The essence of communicating with children and taking them in trust should be maintained no matter what features of the app you are using. We recommend visiting the website and checking their payment plans to proceed further.