Magicycle Cruiser VS rad power RadRover Plus 6

Charlotte Miller

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As electric bikes are gaining popularity, the competition among ebike manufacturers to build the best ebike doesn’t stop. To help in the decision-making process of buying a new ebike, I frequently compare different models in the industry. Here I will make a comparison between Magicycle Cruiser and Rad Power RadRover 6 Plus and need to measure specific data. Whichever ebike you ultimately choose for your next ride, I hope that after reading this article you will be informed to make the right decision for your needs.

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Comparison of Main Features

  Magicycle Cruiser RadRover 6 Plus
Battery 780Wh 672Wh
Charger 54.6V 3A 48V 2A
Brake Mechanical Hydraulic
Display Colored LCD Backlit LCD
Sizes 1 1
Gears 7 7
Top Speed Adjustable to 28MPH 20MPH
USB Phone Charge Yes Optional, sold separately
Price $1,649 $1,999

 The Magicycle Cruiser is equipped with an upgraded brushless geared hub motor with 750 watts of power, making it an ideal motor for daily riding. This powerful motor accelerates rapidly and works very efficiently and it is the very point where the most fun lies.

Compared to the RadRover Plus 6, which also comes equipped with a 750 watt geared hub motor, the Magicycle Cruiser is able to squeeze out much more range on a single charge due to the large capacity of battery. The best ebike motors are the ones that last the longest. No riders want their ebike motors broken easily since it is part of the hub and expensive. Therefore,  you do need to select an electric bike with a motor that prioritizes both efficiency and heat dissipation. All ebike motors make some noise when in use, but Magicycle cruisers’ motors are very quiet compared to the competition. However, you need to remember that no ebike brand makes a purely silent motor.

The Magicycle Cruiser not only has a larger battery capacity, but has a fast-charging charger, meaning that the ebike’s got a longer range of riding and shorter charging time than those of RadRover Plus 6. This could help save riders far more time from charging than they can ever imagine.

Besides, the Magicycle Cruiser has a colored LCD display, compared with RadRover Plus 6’s backlit display. All the necessary elements like Odometer or Speed are shown in colors on the colored display of Magicycle Cruiser, fun and interesting. Moreover, it has an in-built USB phone charger, making it more convenient for riders to charge their cell phones while riding. As you can see in the table, this device is optional and sold separately. 

Compared with RadRover Plus 6, the Magicycle Cruiser is obviously much better with greater performance and more unique features. You may think that it must be a lot more expensive than RadRover Plus 6, but the truth is it is sold at only $1,649, 350$ less than that of RadRover Plus 6. Less price, better quality, if you are still looking for an ebike with a reasonable price, the Magicycle Cruiser is the one for you.

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