Look Sharp in These 4 Statement Cateye Sunglasses

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Look Sharp in These 4 Statement Cateye Sunglasses

There is a certain allure to women who can rock vintage-style cateye sunglasses. It is no surprise that the legendary Audrey Hepburn sported a pair of flashy cateye sunglasses with utmost sophistication and class. Marilyn Monroe, the symbol of femininity, also made cateye frames work for her and compliment her legendary style.

Although they first became trendy in the 1960s, Cateye sunglasses are now a well-loved retro accessory loved by modern-day fashion enthusiasts. Celebrities like Taylor Swift and Rihanna can also embrace this vintage trend with twists to express their styles. Additionally, the fact that cateye sunglasses provide a little more facial coverage than conventional sunglasses doesn’t hurt. These contemporary fashion celebrities can avoid forgoing style for privacy in public thanks to the historical accessory’s loud, feminine shape.

Attention Seeking Brown

Cateye sunglasses are designed to lift your facial features and give them an upswept and youthful look. These oversized brown cateye sunglasses are a modern take on the classic design, where the vintage thick frames have been swapped for a sleek metal rim. While the look may seem a little understated, these cateye frames are in no way subtle. They bring out a subtle softness in your face with their sharp design and help you stand apart from the crowd. This brown pair works well with neutral and earthy-toned clothing.

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Poppin’ Purple

While browns and blacks are still predictable and approachable colours for cateye sunglasses, this double-bridged aviator-inspired purple frame is for the women who lean towards brighter palettes and are not afraid to experiment with their style. The purple gradients within this pair of cateye sunglasses add a feminine flair to your features, making your face look brighter and more youthful. Guaranteed to get you some envious looks, this purple pair is sure to cause intrigue and leave a lasting impression on your admirers

Pretty in Pink

This pair of cateye sunglasses are placed in the eyewear collection as a purchase for fashion. Hot pinks and lilacs have returned to apparel and accessories with the return of several Y2K trends. So, if you are a lover of all things pinks and not afraid to play around with brighter tones, this pair of pink cateye sunglasses will perfectly fit into your bubbly-girl aesthetic. A must-have for streetwear chic, the sunglasses and their shade of pink can be a great excuse to try a monochromatic ensemble. The shades of pink are bound to come together to create a unique look for our dynamic times.

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Rocking Gun Metal

There is plenty more to explore in lightweight options for cateye sunglasses. An example is these gun metal cateye frames, which are durable, lightweight, and long-lasting. The design is perfect for women who like to go for unconventional styles, making these sunglasses an ideal accessory for the rocker chic in you. The versatility of this design makes it a great option for first-time buyers looking to experiment with their style

Cateye sunglasses are feminine, playful, youthful, and iconic in their way. They speak for you and your quirks, no matter where you go. To explore more options and frame colours, you can check brands like Fastrack Eyewear and their range of youthful, new-age designs in eyewear.