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Learn How To Custom Color Human Hair Wigs At Home

by Aishwarya
Learn How To Custom Color Human Hair Wigs At Home

If you still have a wig, you will shade it yourself, in fact, for example, you shade your traditional hair. It is not difficult to color the lace front human hair wigs, because it really reacts just like your regular hair.

Obviously, you will take your hair to a cosmetologist for dying, plus it is an easy thing to dye at home.

If you have an individual hairspray, you know that you really need an unusual chemical to master some of your hair.

For this reason, keep a human hair care kit with you when you travel. This will allow you to affect your hair and keep it looking new and fresh.

Choose the right color for your wig

Choose the color you may need to make the basic progress you want before you start customs cooperation to hide your basic hair.

Choose if it’s your going wig or something you’ll just wear when you get a chance to shake things up.

Choose a mask that will compliment your skin tone. Regardless of whether you will get any excitement with the wig, you will really need it to be incredible once you touch the wig.

You’ve probably ever had a time when you bought lipstick or any other sweater that looked amazing inside the store, yet, when you got it home and put it on, it didn’t look right. ۔

It can take a lot of effort to do this along the ends of your skin. These are normal colors on the outside of your skin.

Collect tools to dye human hair wigs

Before you start dyeing your hair color and collect everything that Ishowbeauty has shown you, you will be basically ready.

Dye brush


Hair dye


Mixing bowl (do not use metal)

Plastic/latex gloves

Large hair clips


Hairpiece head (a stand on which you currently place the wig)

Plastic wrap

Towel (one that will stain)


Set the wig:

Wash hair first. You will start with clean hair but still, use a solitary cleansing agent which will not hurt the hair. Try not to set on any conditioner or thing.

Allow the wig to dry completely. It is ideal to clean two or three days ahead of schedule. This allows it to dry inside and out. If you just don’t have the time, use a hand blower to stop the hair.

Set up the hairpiece head. To protect the head of the hairpiece and keep it from getting stained, and to make sure that you keep applying it well, wrap the wig around the hairpiece head. This will ensure the head of the hair.

Brush your hair Use T-pins to place your hair on the hairy head to ask about the hair. In this case, when your wig fits snugly over the head of the ball, you will not need to use a T-pin.

Use the wide-toothed toothpick to rotate the sidewalks carefully and erase all groups. Hair should be level and free of knots before starting to dye.

Start the process of dying:

Divide the hair into four sections. A center where all the wigs are distributed make two pieces inside the back of the hair and two areas inside the front.

Blend the accent. The shadows that come with you will have a strong odor, so you should have good ventilation when mixing.

Use shading brushes, cups, hair colors to stabilize the color, as the maker’s titles show. Make sure you follow the direction and match each of them.

Start inside the necessary quadrant at the back of the wig. Start with the roots, and apply the hair color to the wig that works out of the tension of the hair.

Use a sharp brushing finish to separate the hair and a fiber end to use the scalp.

Do small areas directly with the goal that you just make sure you are covering everything in the hair. Apply to hair regularly and completely.

If you have just decided to dye the roots primarily, and there is another accent on most of the hair, start with the roots. Dye those first.

Add a helpful color to the rest of the hair around it and use the fingers of your glove to “smudge” the 2 ends so that you are not surprised by the amazing change.

Continue co-drying until all the wigs are covered. Apply the recommended time to the hair according to the headings of the case.

Set the clock with the goal that you don’t cycle too fast or leave the color too long.

Flush the wig on hot water. Keep washing until the water is clear. On this important occasion, flush two or more times to make sure you’re done with everything.

Apply conditioner. Follow the titles according to everything, and put the conditioner on the hair.

The towels dried the hair. Dry the wig using a towel. Again, this should be a towel in which you will not have to worry about stains if not all of the color is clear.

Carefully remove the hair by wrapping it in a towel to prevent excess water from the hair. Be critical during this cycle.

Allow the wig to dry completely. After that, when you have cleared the scalp from a haircut, stop the hair to stop it.

Use planned items for human hair wigs. Maybe your wig is a theory that you just had a chance to finish. The use of minimal items below average is often unpleasant for your wig. Human Hair Care will keep your human hair wigs looking clean and healthy.

In Conclusion

Wearing a wig gives you such flexibility. You will be fine and organized within the work environment or master setting and after that, you will strike in the evening at the club. Around the same time! Deciding to choose a pair of individual hairstyles and after a while, you can hide as much as you want and add the pleasure of changing the design around you whenever you want. For more information about dying and hairstyling, visit Ishowbeautycom

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