Knowing the Basics: A Quick Look on GoGoPDF’s Features

Charlotte Miller

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Whenever you search on Google for the quickest and most efficient way of converting your files to your chosen file format, it will give you so many PDF converter websites that you have to choose from. But how will you know which of these best suits your interests? Do these tools offer you the best services? Does it keep your files safe and secure? 

In the first place, why would you even want to convert your files? There are so many reasons why you should convert your files. Some reasons include compatibility and security purposes. PDF files often contain sensitive or personal information about businesses or people you may want to secure. This article will give you a quick guide look at the best online PDF converter’s features.

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The quickest and most efficient way for converting your files that offers a wide selection of file formats is GoGoPDF, including PPT, HTMl, JPG, PNG, Word, Excel, and reverse conversion. It also does not require any of its users to download or install any app, software, or employ a third-party program on your device. What this means is that your device will be less prone to getting any unwanted virus or malware.

It is not only an online PDF converter; GoGoPDF also offers other services to help your PDF-related problems easier to handle. Some of the services it offers are compress PDF, split PDF, merge PDF, protect PDF, and add watermark to PDF. It’s your one-stop-shop for everything related to PDF. There’s no need for you to move from platform to platform just to find that certain tool you need to complete your tasks.

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Privacy is Paramount

No one wants their sensitive files compromised or stolen, right? Who would want information about the user used against them? With GoGoPDF, you are guaranteed that your files are safe and secure whenever you use their services. GoGoPDF prides itself on prioritizing their customers’ privacy by installing a Secure Socket Layer or SSL encryption that would ensure that your files are encrypted and secure whenever you move them along the internet.

You might argue that you can use any platform to convert your files through your web browser’s incognito mode. What you may not know is that incognito mode does nothing when it comes to your files’ security. All it does is conceal your browser history from yourself. 

You can also rest assured that everything you input into their system, including your credit card information, security codes, and even files are not stored in any form in their system. Your files are permanently deleted after an hour of uploading to ensure that any unwanted snoopers wouldn’t compromise your files.

Customer Service

The customer service team is probably the best feature that GoGoPDF has to offer. Whenever you encounter problems or mishaps while using their tools, the customer service representatives are more than happy to help you achieve your tasks for the day. This makes your task much faster and easier to finish. Only a few online PDF converter tools offer this type of feature, making GoGoPDF much more superior to any other platform.

GoGoPDF is dedicated to improving its services to make things much easier for all of its customers. As such, GoGoPDF’s customer service team are welcoming any type of feedback or comments that you have regarding their tools and services.


Technically speaking, GoGoPDF is free to use, but that doesn’t directly mean it doesn’t offer any way to make their customers’ experience much better, quicker, and more convenient. It offers a Pro version that enables you to convert two or more files at the same time. This is a very practical investment, especially for people who are always in a rush. 

It opens you up to more benefits, features, and you can finally release a sigh of relief to know that you won’t encounter any irritating pop-up ads that do nothing but consume so much of your time. You can also have the luxury of enjoying priority from their customer service team and unlimited storage. If you want to have a taste of a better life, you can try the Pro version for 14 days for free.

Easy File Sharing

GoGoPDF has a unique mechanism of sharing files with other people, and it is something to rave about. Rather than directly downloading it into your storage device, you can just share it straight away with your friends, family, and colleagues via a link. 


All in all, GoGoPDF is surely the best choice for whatever reasons you may have for all your PDF files. Whether you want to convert or use any other tools they have, you can freely use them anytime and anywhere you want.