Key Ways You Can Help Your Computer to Last Longer for You

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Key Ways You Can Help Your Computer to Last Longer for You

Most of us find that we use our computers daily and often all day, every day, especially if we have an office job or work from home. As such, our devices tend to be one of our most prized possessions and something we want to last as long as possible. 

Unfortunately, it’s usually not until they break or something else happens to them that we realize how much we value them. To help ensure you get as much usage out of your machine as possible before it’s time to buy a new one, you should follow a few steps.

Purchase a Quality Product 

One top way to help enjoy a computer for an extended period is to purchase a quality machine from the start. If you buy well, you should find you don’t need to replace your computer as early as if you opt for a lesser item. It helps to buy a device made by a trusted, well-regarded brand that’s known for creating long-running products. 

Also, pick a machine that has the most current processor possible. When you have the latest technology, your computer won’t become outdated quickly. Many of the bargain deals on laptops and desktops come when retailers clear out older models, so even though a price may seem very economical, it may not be the best investment long-term. 

Consider buying the computer with the largest hard drive possible, too. The roomier this is, the longer it will be until the drive starts to fill up and slow computer operations, and the smoother all the processing will be. For now, a solid-state drive is the pick of choice for many needs. 

Install Security Software 

Sometimes people have a computer they love, but it gets compromised by hackers, and they don’t have much alternative than to replace the device. In particular, if you get stung by a vicious ransomware attack and get locked out of your device or if all the systems get crashed and obliterated, you may find it’s cheaper to buy a new gadget than to try and fix the other one and retrieve your data from it. 

As such, it’s wise to be vigilant about keeping cybercriminals at bay. You can do this by installing quality security software onto your device that features a thorough antivirus download along with protection against spyware, spam, ransomware, and other malware. In addition, utilize the firewall that’s likely already installed on your product, as this adds an extra layer of protection, especially against hackers who try to break into systems via an internet connection. 

Don’t Forget to Clean Your Computer

Next, help your computer last longer by taking care of it. In addition to being careful not to drop it, bump it, or knock drinks over onto it, keep it clean externally. Try to keep it free of dust, dirt, pet and human hair, crumbs, and the like by wiping it or using a mini brush or a narrow vacuum head to clean debris up. If you leave these things, they can accumulate over time and block up gears and get into components, creating functional issues in turn. 

The fans can get clogged, which makes the device work harder than necessary, too, potentially causing overheating and excessive wear. Plus, the keys can get stuck if there’s too much matter between them, making it hard to type on laptop keyboards. It pays to use an air compressor if you have one to blow out the ventilation zones of your computer every so often to get rid of more dust, too. 

Don’t forget to also clean up your device internally. Do some essential maintenance to help clear systems so your machine runs optimally. For example, defragment your computer every few months to eliminate temporary files and empty the Recycle Bin on the machine. Delete files and applications you don’t use anymore and get rid of clutter on the desktop, too. Stop lots of operations from beginning on Startup when they don’t need to, and consider investing in a specific computer system cleaning tool to help optimize your machine automatically. 

Plug the Device into a Surge Protector

Another top tip for maximizing the lifetime of your computer is to plug it into a decent power board with a built-in surge protector. This way, you can rest easy knowing that the hard drive and components won’t get fried if there’s an electricity overload from a power surge in your property. 

Some other computer longevity maximization guidelines are keeping software updated at all times and upgrading memory if and when you need to. 

Your computer is something that it’s worth investing more time and energy into looking after since it’s such an important device, whether you use it daily for work or just occasionally for personal matters. Take a few steps of care today, and you’ll save yourself in the long term. 

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