Kenyan’s Rising Star: A story of Ruth Mwende Mutisya

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Kenyan’s Rising Star: A story of Ruth Mwende Mutisya

Ruth Mwende Mutisya has quickly become a rising star in the Kenyan Art Scene. Ruth was born and raised in Nairobi Kenya. “I’ve always loved art as long as I could remember” says Ruth. Ruth began painting at the age of 5 and enjoyed abstract art.

Some may see art as black and white, but for Ruth, it is a steppingstone into the vast world of imaginations. Ruth began imitating Picasso and Van Gogh at an early age because her mother could not afford an artist palette, acrylic paint, a canvas, or paint brushes so Ruth used what she had: pencils, crayons and charcoal to show the expressive qualities of her artwork.

Like Picasso, Ruth enjoys abstractions. “It allows me to see what I want to see” says Ruth. Abstract art lets the viewers see exactly what they want to see. “You might see what the artist saw or see something entirely different, and that’s okay” says Ruth.

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Ruth has been recognized for her quality of work by many of the prominent artist in Kenya including Cyrus Kabiru, Miriam Syowia Kyambi, and Kenyan politician Esther Passaris. She is currently mentored by Cyrus Kabiru. Ruth also volunteers several times a month teaching art lessons to young boys and girls in her community. She graduates from Kenyatta University in December 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art’s and will focus on visual art, sculpting and teaching art.

Ruth left, Kenyan Politician and County Woman Representative, Honorable Esther Passaris, right

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