Is UltraViewer safe?

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Is UltraViewer safe

Is It Safe to Use TeamViewer? This is a question of many people that use UltraViewer remote desktop software. And what should users pay attention to improve information security when using UltraViewer? Let’s find out through the following paper.

  1. Is Ultraviewer safe?

UltraViewer is a familiar tool for people who usually work with computers and need to support customers remotely or work from home. With UltraViewer, you can work anywhere, anytime, and effectively support many people at the same time with the cheapest cost.

To start controlling a computer remotely, you just need to maintain a stable Internet connection and pre-install the Ultraviewer software on  devices that need to be connected. You ask your partner to send you the ID and password on their UltraViewer and then enter them into your software and press the connect button. The screen of the controlled computer will appear and you can perform operations on it.

It’s easy and fast to connect and access remote computers through Ultraviewer. However, many users can be quite confused and worried about whether it is safe to use Ultraviewer? Is it possible for users to lose personal information or your computer has been hacked? And the answer is that Ultraviewer is fairly safe because of the following reasons:

– Ultraviewer researched and set up absolute security encryption mode. If you are a supported person, your partner can only access your computer through the unique ID and Password you provide. By limiting the connection and only allowing connections to verified devices, Ultraviewer has prevented any risk of unauthorized entry of any hacker to steal personal information.

– When your computer is controlled, you can monitor the entire process that your partner manipulates on your screen, including the mouse movement. You can take back control at any time by controlling your mouse.

– If you want to end the support process, you can close UltraViewer immediately. Then your partner will completely lose connection to your computer, and they can’t see your screen or control anymore. If you want your partner to reconnect, you’ll need to reopen Ultraviewer and provide them with a new password that was automatically changed by Ultraviewer.

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  1. What should users pay attention to improve information security when using UltraViewer?

Using Ultraviewer remote control software is quite safe, but you also need to be very careful when allowing other computers to connect your computer. People with bad intentions may use good tools for bad purposes and take advantage of your loopholes.

To keep your information safe, please note the following advises:

– Only connect Ultraviewer with trusted supporter that you know well to avoid the risk of information theft 

– Absolutely do not send important personal information such as bank account numbers or citizen identification cards. Do not click on strange and unreliable links.

– Monitor all supporter’s control activities to prevent them from stealing your data. Take back control or disconnect immediately if it feels dangerous.

– Turn off the software when not in use because the supporter can continue to access your computer when you are not paying attention. Remember to change your password regularly.

– Regularly download the software upgrades. These upgrades will include new features and bug fixes and also enhance the security for your Ultraviewer software.

Thus, you have been answered the question of whether the Ultraviewer is a safe remote computer software, and you know how to secure personal information when using this software. Signing up and downloading UltraViewer for remote work easily, safely and effectively.

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