Is CBD Right for Your Pet? Discover Everything You need to Consider

Charlotte Miller

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Have you ever wondered if there was a natural safer way to treat your pet for certain things just like for people. The healing benefits of CBD are popularly used now to treat everything from anxiety, inflammatory issues, depression, sleeping problems, and much more. Many people were excited to find that their furry friend can also benefit from CBD. There are a few things to consider before giving this to your pet. 

What is CBD?

The first thing you may be wondering is if CBD is safe and how you can know your pet will not get “high.” CBD comes from a specific species of the cannabis sativa plant that produces a lot of CBD and very little THC, which is the compound in marijuana that gets you “high.” When they process the plant to make CBD products any trace amount of THC is filtered out to make it perfectly safe for anyone to use anytime. 

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Could My Pet Benefit From CBD

There are several specific things that your pet may be experiencing that could be solved using CBD. This is a safe and natural alternative to other types of medicines given by vets. Here are a few reasons your pet may need the help of CBD: 

  1. CBD lowers inflammation. This can be especially helpful if your pet suffers from painful joints or stiffness. Your pet will be able to move around pain free. 
  2. CBD supports brain function. Humans and animals both have receptors in their brains called the endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for everything from your mood, sleep, appetite, memory, and even stress triggers. Supporting your brain will help it function optimally. 
  3. CBD and gastrointestinal issues. If your pet has temporary or chronic issues with vomiting or diarrhea then cbd could be the perfect solution to helping them feel better. 
  4. CBD is very calming. If you have a pet that is high strung, very hyper, has separation anxiety, or is easily scared by any little thing then cbd may be right for them. 

How Much Does My Pet Need 

Figuring out exactly how much your pet needs is not hard at all. When you purchase your pets CBD product it will tell you exactly how much your dog needs by weight. Check out this CBD dosage chart to get an idea: 

Pet’s Weight  CBD tincture Dosage
4-10lbs  .5ml 
10-25lbs  1.0ml 
25-50lbs  1.5ml
50-100lbs 2.0ml
100+lbs  2.5+ml

Start at this dose and see how they respond. They may need more or less, but this is a good place to start. A smaller dog may need it less often whereas a bigger dog may need more and more often, Every animal is unique and has their own special needs. 

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How Often Can I Give My Pet CBD

from the time it is administered and will reach its peak about two hours later. The benefits will last for eight to twelve hours. You can give your pet another dose eight to twelve hours after the first one, so when it wears off. How much and how often your pet will need another dose will entirely depend on your pet, their metabolism, and their specific needs. 

Look For Quality

Unfortunately not all pet CBD companies are the same. You will want to do your research to make sure the company you decide to use has your pets’ health and safety as its first priority. It should be lab tested and backed by safety standards. Your pet deserves the best and you would never want to accidentally give something to them that could hurt them. 


There are lots of companies out there, but with the help of the internet you can narrow down your search, read reviews, and check a company’s standards and safety protocols. Another added bonus of ordering online is you can shop from the comfort of your home, get it sent to your door, and many companies do a subscribe and save deal. This way you never have to worry about running out and even save a little money. 

Get Your Pet Started On CBD

Why wait? Order your pet some CBD oil today so they experience the relief and benefits of this natural and safe supplement.Always consult your vet to get their advice and approval of a CBD supplement for your pet and their unique needs. Your pet will hopefully experience amazing results and live their happiest, best lives. Our pets bring us so much joy and happiness and it is our job to give them the best life we possibly can.