Is A Good Pillow Important for Your Sleep? 

Juliet D'cruz

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Is A Good Pillow Important for Your Sleep

Have you ever justified your apathetic mood by waking up on the wrong side of the bed? Most of us have because how do you explain your grumpy mood when nothing has happened? 

Good quality foam pillow is a must for humans, and when we don’t get it, our body responds in different ways. Some of us get headaches, while the rest just try to deal with the day ahead with a lack of will. 

But accepting it as a constant is where we often go wrong. 

Groggy mornings are not what we deserve, and if you constantly go through it -it’s time you address the situation. 

Everything from your lifestyle to your mattress and even pillows decide whether you will have a happy morning. This is why some people are uncomfortable with sleeping on someone else’s bed or staying in a hotel. 

But are pillows really that important? 

The reality is that they are. They decide you:

  1. Spinal and back health 
  2. Sleep comfort 
  3. And most importantly, your energy levels during the day. 

But before we go ahead and discuss how else a good pillow can help you improve your sleep time, let’s talk about its need first. 

Should you sleep with or without a pillow?

Sleeping with or without a memory foam pillow is a complete matter of choice and comfort. However, what might feel comfortable could be doing some damage unknowingly, which makes it extremely important for us to address this.

First things first, sleeping without a pillow can have serious effects on your body posture. In the case of back sleepers, sleeping without a pillow can cause pressure points to get triggered near the neck, which can cause extreme discomfort and medical issues in the long term. 

Whereas side sleepers can face difficulty with spinal health due to bad alignment. Only stomach sleepers here can eliminate the pillow, as the spine and the neck usually stay aligned in a position like that. 

Moreover, sleeping without a pillow can result in extreme lumbar or cervical pain and soreness. This can also be the case with stomach sleepers, as defining the right neck position in correct alignment with the neck and back can sometimes become a task. 

There is a lack of research on the benefits of sleeping without a pillow. But experts say that there are both pros and cons to this situation. 

To name benefits, it is largely believed that sleeping without a pillow can benefit your skin and reduce the pace of its aging. Since sleeping on a pillow tends to leave more facial impressions, it is believed to cause wrinkles. Moreover, some people also refrain from using pillows due to hair damage. This explains the number of “silk pillowcase” commercials we tend to see today. 

Three Reasons you need to Switch to a Good Memory Foam Pillow

1. Improves Posture 

The right pillow will help you maintain the right posture and body alignment while sleeping. Most people know the human neck is curved slightly forward to sustain the head’s weight, which should remain the same even while sleeping. 

In cases where people refuse to use the right pillow, they tend to put a lot of strain on their neck and shoulders, causing unbearable muscle pain and headaches in the morning. This is the same with people who unknowingly use too high pillows.

This narrows the air pipe, creating breathing issues and resulting in snoring and extreme discomfort.  

Contrary to this, pillows that are too thin can again strain due to bad posture. 

Buying a good memory foam pillow will require you to consider your body size. However, buying a pillow approximately 4 inches is recommended as it provides the best alignment. 

2. Helps Spinal Health 

As discussed earlier, poor body alignment during nighttime can cause severe tension and pressure in the back. Pillows are designed to provide the neck and back support needed during sleeping to take the pressure off the cervical and lumbar spine. 

Sleeping regularly without a good pillow can create prolonged stress near the shoulders and develop extremely uncomfortable and painful knots. This can keep you from functioning as required during the day and worsen the situation if continued. 

3. Reduces Body Aches

When we sleep uncomfortably for a long time and even at regular intervals, the body tends to get sore, and muscles start stiffening. This can feel like a small issue initially, but as time passes, it can hamper your life in different ways. 

You can lose focus on work, start feeling lethargic during the day, and even feel a loss of will altogether. The only way to prevent all of this from happening is by investing in a good quality foam pillow that promises sound sleep. 


Finding the right pillow might not seem like a big concern, but it does bring big changes to one’s life. This is because your quality of sleep decides a lot of things for you, and compromising there might not be your best option. 

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