Insurancely Review: Pros & Cons

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Insurancely Review: Pros & Cons

The golden rule when shopping for commodities or services is to look around and compare items before settling on one. Abiding by this rule enables you to find an ideal product for the lowest price. 

Buying car insurance is no different. You need to compare different insurance quotes to purchase an affordable auto policy with the best coverage. Unfortunately, this can be a time-consuming task, not to mention exhausting. 

This is where Insurancely saves the day. With this platform, you don’t have to scour the internet looking for quotes to compare. It does that for you. So, do you want to learn how Insurancely makes insurance shopping easier? Keep reading. 

Introduction To Insurancely

Insurancely is an insurance quote comparison platform that allows users to make a contrast of car insurance quotes online, turning policy purchasing into a smooth process. You only need to key in basic information about yourself. This includes your location, driving record, personal data, and vehicle details. 

Once you do, this insurance search page returns quotes that align with your search and are ideal for you. Thus, Insurancely works as a matching platform, linking users with affordable insurance quotes. It is deeply resourceful and hosts all kinds of policy providers, from national to regional ones.

Besides, all quotes are sourced directly from insurance companies and delivered in real time. This means that any information you get is up-to-date and accurate. Also, the website is free, loads fast, and can be navigated without much hassle.

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Pros & Cons Of Insurancely

Time-saving is a key benefit of using Insurancely, but it is not the only advantage. You stand to gain a lot more. Unfortunately, there are also a few demerits that come with looking for auto insurance quotes via Insurancely. Below is a list of these pros and cons.


  • Ease of use

The Insurancely website has a straightforward user interface, with all relevant elements easily accessible. As a result, it is easy to navigate, and the search process is simple and direct, as seen below:

  1. Provide your zip code

Visit the Insurancely website, enter your zip code, and click “Get Quotes.”

  1. Key in your vehicle details

You now need to enter information about your car. This can include the model, make, and VIN.

  1. Compare quotes

Once you submit the required information, you will receive multiple quotes based on this data. Proceed to review them to find the most suitable one. 

  • It’s free

Another benefit of using Insurancely is that users aren’t charged a dime to access its services. Regardless of where you are or which type of insurance policy you need, your only cost is the time you invest in comparing the quotes.

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  • Data privacy

Users are guaranteed zero leaks of their data. Insurancely won’t sell it or share it with third parties. They also don’t call you or send you annoying emails or text messages. Your information is only used to get you relevant insurance quotes. 

  • Partners with reliable insurance providers

Insurancely is committed to ensuring you get the best quotes from the best insurers. To this end, this site only partners with credible auto insurance sellers with outstanding reputations. Also, Insurancely’s algorithm always shows ideal quotes and sellers.

  • Save you money

Through its extensive network of insurers, Insurancely ensures you get the best deals for your policy. The service is also free, which can save funds which you might have spent hiring an insurance advisor or broker. 


  • Not all policy providers partner with them

Despite its broad range of policy sellers, not every insurance provider works with Insurancely. For example, the insurer may have already partnered with another comparison site. Thus, in some cases, you may not get a full picture of the insurance market.

  • Risk of inadequate information

The information available on comparison sites cannot beat the comprehensive knowledge of a professional insurance advisor. While Insurancely is descriptive, it might be hard to understand the extent of the coverage, especially if you lack firsthand experience with auto insurance. 

Top Tips To Ease Your Car Insurance Quote Comparison

Comparing policy quotes, even with Insurancely, requires attention and a significant amount of time. Unfortunately, it is inevitable. You can use the tips below to streamline the experience and make it more productive:

  • Prepare your data beforehand

Since you must provide basic information like the VIN, car make and model, and driver’s licence number, have this information ready before you start the search. 

  • Know your needs

A suitable policy is one that covers your needs. Thus, you have to determine what your coverage needs are. This can help you select between comprehensive and collision insurance.

  • Use credible search platforms

Some comparison sites only provide estimate quotes, while others will collect and sell your information. To prevent this, only use reputable platforms that provide real-time quotes, like Insurancely.

  • Enquire how you can save further

Certain auto insurance providers offer discounts, while others have options to lower your premium. Ask the insurance seller about these options so you can take advantage of them.

  • Prepare payment

Once you find a suitable policy, you can pay for it in full. Alternatively, you can make a down payment and then continue with a monthly payment plan.

Fortunately, with adequate information, you should have no problem identifying and purchasing fantastic car insurance coverage. You will also be safe if you use a trustworthy insurance comparison site. 


  1. Is Insurancely legitimate?

Yes. Insurancely is a legitimately registered insurance agent with a top-ranking rating, according to client reviews. Also, it partners with many top insurers in the country and in individual states. This means it is perfectly safe and legal.

  1. How does Insurancely work?

Insurancely works by matching you with suitable insurance quotes. This is done using the information you provide. Once you submit the data, Insurancely’s algorithm sifts through the policies from the insurance providers it partners with. It then compiles the relevant coverage quotes and returns the results within minutes. 

  1. For how long can my quote be valid?

Many insurance quotes are volatile and can change at any point, but some last up to 60 days. This comparison site allows you to save your searches for future reference, but there is no guarantee the price of the policy will remain the same.


Car insurance is a critical necessity in addition to being a legal requirement. Also, having the right premium can save you from further damage and losses in case you get into a car accident. Hence, you must be thorough when comparing insurance quotes. 

To access the most reliable auto policy comparison services, look no further than Insurancely. You get a broad range of quotes, and guarantee you will find one that fits your needs. Remember, Insurancely is not a car insurance provider. It is a comparison site that makes it easier to access quotes from various auto premium companies.