Important data visualization tools you need to know

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Data visualization is a graphical presentation of data and information. Data visualization tools are used to present any given data in visual forms. The charts and graphs used to make it easier to understand trends and patterns in the data. As we enter into the age of “Big Data”, the significance of data visualization has increased. Data visualization tools make it easier to understand data. Nowadays, various decisions of any organization are data-driven. The human mind is not well equipped to handle such large amounts of raw and unorganized data, and that is where data visualization comes into handy. Properly presented data eases the processes of decision making and helps in reaching conclusions faster. Data visualization tools help in analyzing large amounts of data.  The best big data visualization tools include some of the following:

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  1. Xplenty

Xplenty is one of the data visualization tools preferred for converting scheduling jobs, monitoring job progress and sample data output etc. It is not open-source but comes with 14 days of free trial usage.


Flot comes in handy if you want to manage your daily tasks effectively and efficiently. It can easily convert data into a graphical format and has a large variety of graphs and charts.


It can easily convert a large chunk of data into a graphical presentation. It is not free to use and charges only as per the features being used.

     4.Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is a business-related tool, which manages data of various businesses. It also enables you to share the data with colleagues and team members. It has strong security policies. It also helps you to create visually appealing data visualization reports.


It is an easily customizable tool that can easily convert large data sets into graphical form. It is a prominent graphical presentation app and used by many businesses.

     6.Adaptive Discovery

It is a free data visualization tools to convert your data into a graphical presentation. It also provides personalized dashboards and modular metrics. 


Infogram is another web-based data visualization tool. It is easy to use, and you can also share the data with others. It has a paid as well as a free version. It can be used by big corporate as well as by students for daily needs. It has beautiful templates that can turn data into engaging content.

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     8.Dundas BI

It is one of the oldest data presentation tools. It helps one convert data to diagrams, graphs etc. It runs on HTML 5 and hence can be used on any of the devices.

     9.Google Charts 

Google charts is yet another tool used for data visualization. It provides flexibility as you can use it on mobile devices as well as browsers. There are various designed templates available that can also be modified to suits one’s needs.

  1. Visme

It is one of the top tools for the online presence of any visual content. It has various eye-catching designs to convert data as per different needs.         

 Data Visualization Tools Examples

Data visualization tools are used in many fields nowadays. Data visualization examples include  usage in: 

  • cinemas to explain a movie plot.
  • Arts to understand the colour palettes of great artworks. 
  • Cartography, i.e. used by geographers to map the world.

     Data Visualization tools Python

Python provides the best data visualization tools, some of which are:

  1. MatPlotLib

Everyone, right from beginners to professionals, uses it to build complex data visualization. Data scientists, as well as researchers, use it for various purposes.


It is a straightforward yet intuitive interface for building visualization. It is designed such that you have to write lesser code to achieve high-grade visualizations.


It is basically used to create user-friendly visualization on browsers. It is easy to use, and one can also use it through javascript itself.


Nowadays, all industries need easily understandable data, which help them in running the enterprises more successfully. Understanding data benefits different fields, right from government and finance to consumer goods and sports. One cannot ignore the applications and benefits of using data visualization tools. It takes raw data, models it as per the needs and helps in reaching conclusions. It helps in communicating information in a faster and effective manner.  As a data visualization tool, python is so much in the news these days; it is also a valuable skill to learn. Jigsaw Academy offers online data science course for such needs. It can help businesses understand the factors affecting customer satisfaction and hence take decisions accordingly. Using open-source data visualization tools also help in costs savings.  Properly presented visual data helps the stakeholders and business owners get a better picture of the organisation’s prospects. If you are a student, a medium-sized business organization or even a big corporate, a data science online course in data visualization can suit all your needs and help you achieve your goals. Jigsaw Academy offers you online courses for data science that can help you get a certificate.