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Importance of Testing Software

by Rohan Mathew
Importance of Testing Software

Try as we might, even the most adept professional makes mistakes. This includes software programmers with years or even decades of experience. 

Any time you’re building a new program, testing is an integral part of the process. Skipping this step could mean launching a solution that’s buggy at best and unusable or even dangerous at worst. 

Still not convinced why testing software is so important? Today, we’re sharing seven key reasons why this is one stage your team can’t afford to miss. 

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1. Testing Software Saves Money

First, let’s start by considering the financial side of software testing. If you forego this step and go live with an untested product, what would your team do if users develop a bug or a glitch down the road?

The price associated with pulling all of the versions and fixing the error at that juncture could be exorbitant. You may also have to contend with disgruntled clients who put their trust in your team, investing their time and money into your company when they could have put it elsewhere. 

On the other hand, taking the time to complete user testing before the go-live date makes it easier to identify and correct any problems before they snowball.

If your team doesn’t have dedicated resources in place to complete the testing and quality assurance phases, consider hiring someone for testing software. It’s well worth the cost to ensure that the final product is error-free and ready to launch. 

2. It Enhances Your Security Protocols

Why test software? Put simply, it can make your product as secure as possible. 

As technology continues to become more sophisticated, hackers and unscrupulous web users are savvier than ever before. Unfortunately, this means they’re getting better at hacking into even the most secure software programs. They do so to steal user identities and other sensitive company data. 

Testing can help your team members uncover any areas of vulnerability and take the steps to rectify them. Testers can verify that users’ identities and personal data are safe at every turn. 

3. It Reduces System Flaws

Arguably one of the most obvious benefits of software testing is that it optimizes product quality. When you have multiple eyes on a system, checking to make sure every touchpoint is seamless, it’s easier to notice any glitches that occur. 

In turn, this helps reduce the number of inherent flaws in the solution. Customers get a better-performing product, and brands can rest assured that the system is reliable and easy to use. Even the smallest bug could pose a major threat to your brand reputation, and this isn’t a mistake that most companies can afford to make. 

Remember that system errors can occur even when the most technologically advanced and experienced experts are at the helm. Any time humans work on a project, there is the risk of error. Testing exposes hidden errors and makes sure that nothing slips through the cracks. 

4. It Boosts Customer Confidence

Usability is a major component of software testing. In short, this is the process of making sure the system is responsive and user-friendly. Key questions examined include:

  • How does it look and operate on a mobile device?
  • How intuitive are the controls?
  • Do workflows operate seamlessly with one another?
  • Is the system design visually appealing?

When the answers to all of these inquiries are affirmative, companies know that the software is usable for its intended audience. Without this verification, you could send a product to market that’s essentially rendered useless because your core buyers can’t access it appropriately. 

Different types of software will cater to different users. If you can ace this part of testing, you can increase customer confidence and become a brand they not only trust but also recommend to others. 

5. It Makes Software More Adaptable

We’ve touched on mobile responsiveness, but is your software application truly adaptable? In other words, does it work the same regardless of the type of platform you use? 

Today, programs should be able to adapt easily across various devices, browsers, and operating systems. If switching devices alters the functionality of your software, that issue could negatively impact a user’s experience. During testing, you can check for these discrepancies and make the adjustments necessary to correct them.

6. It Quickens the Software Development Phase

Though you understand the importance of testing software, you may be tempted to gloss over this phase. This is especially the case if your team is already pressed for time and you need to meet an impending deadline. When that happens, software development usually takes precedence over testing. 

If this sounds like you, then it’s worth knowing that software testing can actually accelerate development. To achieve this balance, the two phases must occur in parallel. If your team can move from concept to testing/development, then the final product can be on-time and error-free. 

7. It Optimizes Your Business

Even the slickest marketing campaign can’t advertise as well as a software product that actually delivers on its promises. With software testing, you can achieve a higher-quality product, which improves the usability of the solution. 

Not only does this reduce overall support costs, but it can also deliver a major boost to your brand image. You’ll save money on troubleshooting and help retain more customers down the road. The operability of your products and your brand reputation are intrinsically linked, and improving the former directly influences the latter. 

Don’t Skip the Software Testing Stage

Testing might not be the most glamorous or high-tech part of software development. However, it’s one of the most important. Skipping this step could result in extra costs, faulty components, and frustrated customers. 

If testing software isn’t in your company’s wheelhouse, don’t fret. There are plenty of professional teams that have built a business around making sure yours stays secure. Feel free to reach out to a local resource to secure the additional help you need.

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