Ideas to Create An Innovative Brand Video

Charlotte Miller

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Videos have become the primary medium of communication for businesses in the present scenario. Today videos have been utilized for multiple purposes and across various verticals for business. Videos have become crucial to give a demonstration to the clients for carrying out marketing across digital platforms. Videos are undergoing a transformation providing new experiences to the viewers with the advent of new technologies. Such factors have made videos gain an important place in marketing

On the other hand, social platforms also prioritize video content over other texts and static images. All these factors have made videos crucial for marketing. The article brings out the measures that can be followed to produce brand videos that convert.

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Shed Light On The Backdrop: 

People are always curious to know about how the products they use are manufactured. Factory Made is one of the top-grossing shows from the Discovery channel. In each episode, you will learn about the multiple processes that undergo in manufacturing a particular product. In addition, you will be shown visuals from the factories so that you can see and learn various machinery that is being utilized in creating an end product. 

Similarly, you can also come up with videos that show how your products are manufactured. A notable benefit of showcasing such videos is that they can build trust in your brand. For instance, let us assume that you are in the business of selling dairy chocolate. By showing how it is manufactured, people will come to know about the hygienic environment it is prepared, the safety protocols followed by the workers such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, etc. Hence, these factors will make them feel that the product is manufactured hygienically and builds a good brand image. Because safety and hygiene play an important role in food products. People don’t buy a food product that is adulterated and manufactured in an unhealthy manner. Thus, crafting your behind-the-scenes videos in such a way can aid you in maximizing the conversion rate. 

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Make Your Videos Informative:

This measure will work effectively for B2B companies. Videos work well in demystifying complex concepts. This is the prominent reason behind many companies utilizing videos to provide demonstrations. For instance, if you are selling raw materials to manufacture an end-product, you can create animated videos to show how your raw material can fuel up the performance. Another psychological aspect of visuals is that they can etch in people’s minds for a longer period than other forms of content. So, if you are going to present a bit complex or a subject that covers various topics, then it is ideal for presenting it as visuals to your clients. Likewise, when the kind of promotion you will take forward for your business is information-oriented, it is ideal to go with visuals such as infographics. 

Make Use of Influencers:

The majority of the influencers we have today are video creators. They ideate concepts and instigate emotions through visuals. So, when you hire influencers, they can also provide many new ideas for your brand promotion. Because they have been doing this for a long time, coming up with new videos frequently and garner people’s attention. So, if you are running out of ideas to market your brand, collaborate with an influencer. They can develop innovative concepts that will help skyrocket your brand reach and improve your sales.

If you have budget constraints in hiring an influencer, you can find ideas by watching content from the influencers in your niche. If you want to promote the new releases from your apparel brand, you can watch the videos of the fashion bloggers. Instagram has many fashion influencers who enjoy a huge follower base. You can see how they create promotional videos for a brand. In TikTok, influencers can buy tiktok likes fast delivery packages to generate traffic to the videos. 

Utilize AR and VR:    

AR and VR have revolutionized video marketing. Both technologies can take the viewer to a whole new world virtually. So, you can utilize these technologies while creating marketing videos for your brand. These technologies have benefited largely during lockdown times as people cannot head out of their homes to make purchases. For instance, Plethora, a well known e-commerce brand, has incorporated AR technology in its website. The technology will take a complete trace of your face and display it precisely on the screen, similar to a 3D view. For example, you can try lipsticks, eyeliners to your face virtually and pick the one that matches your skin tone. Thus, AR allows people to try new products virtually at the comfort of their houses. Hence, creating videos utilizing AR and VR technologies will give the viewer a new and unique experience. 

Explore Video Editing:

Editing plays a vital role in amplifying the quality of a video. But, many don’t realize it and don’t give the necessary focus to it. There are many editing tools available on the internet. Many of these editing applications have their very own color tone filters. You can utilize them in your videos. Because visuals are made of the color combination of various colors. The color combination you choose plays a vital role in making a video look appealing. You can also experiment with video speed controls and stop motion etc.

Wrapping Up:

Videos will become the significant marketing medium in the coming years. In the past few years, video consumption has witnessed a staggering growth. Marketers state that by 2023 nearly 93% of online content will be in the form of videos. So, by utilizing videos as your primary marketing medium, you can avail huge benefits.