How to Write a Creative Essay for Your Academics?

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How to Write a Creative Essay for Your Academics

How to Write a Creative Essay for Your Academics?

Essay writing is one of the most common assignments students have to take in their academic careers. But students often struggle with essay writing. And the common reason why students panic when they have to write an essay about an unknown topic is the absence of the right guide. So, if you want to learn the art of writing an academic essay on any topic, this blog post is for you.

Here, we will discuss the easiest way to write an academic essay on any unknown topic with the help of five steps. So, without any further delay, let’s delve in.

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How to Write an Academic Essay With Five Simple Steps?

Most instructors have already assigned a topic to their students when writing academic essays. Therefore, we won’t mention the topic selection step here. Instead, we will straightaway begin this guide with the research phase.

  • Perform Extensive Research:

Whether you want to write a novel, blog post, article, essay, or any other type of content, you should always start with the research phase. However, the research phase should be extensive.

The term ‘extensive research’ refers to collecting in-depth material on a topic. That’s because the quality of the content highly depends on the material you gather in the research phase. So, the more you go into the depth of your topic, the better material you can find.

Generally, people limit their research phase to search engines. But you can go one step ahead of them by exploring different books and research papers related to your topic. Similarly, you can also gather first-person perspectives about your essay’s topic by asking questions to industry experts.

Thus, whichever method you choose for collecting data on your topic, you should always go in-depth for better results.

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  • Mention Important and Relevant Statistics:

The best way to outclass existing essays on a similar topic is by going one step ahead of them. So, like the extensive research phase, you can include relevant case studies and statistics in your essay to set it apart.

When it comes to including relevant statistics, several websites can find statistics and case studies for a search query. However, one of the most popular ones is Statista. 

Thus, once you have included relevant case studies or related statistics in your essay, you should cite their source. Doing so will increase the credibility and quality of your writing.

  • Create and Discuss Unique Arguments:

One of the best ways to make your content unique from existing essays on a similar topic is to include undiscussed points.

During the extensive research phase, you should also explore essays on a similar topic. So, while exploring the essays on a similar topic, you should identify the undiscussed points. This way, if you include those unique arguments in your essay, it will set your essay apart from existing materials.

However, you can only identify the undiscussed points with extensive research. So, if you want to spend a reasonable amount of time on the research phase, start working on your essay as early as possible.

  • Add Graphs and Charts:

The goal of this guide is to be creative while writing an academic essay. So, including relevant graphs and charts is another ideal way of bringing creativity to your academic essay.

Obviously, you can take assistance from existing surveys relevant to your topic. But when you want to include those surveys in your topic, you can have them as infographics, charts, or graphs.

Thus, you can try tools like ‘Canva’ and ‘Visme’ for creating infographics, charts, and graphs for your essay. But even if you make a new infographic from the data of an existing survey, you should still cite its source. This way, you can prevent any possible copyright infringement issues.

  • Revise and Edit:

Once you have completed your essay, your job is not done. That’s because you must still do a few things to ensure a high-quality academic essay. So, consider the following tips as a to-do checklist after writing an essay.

Check for Grammar Errors

Always check the written content for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. You can do it in various ways. The easiest method is to read the content yourself and correct any mistakes that you find.

However, if the manual way of checking typos and grammatical errors looks time-consuming, you can take assistance from a grammar checker. Tools are quite good at detecting the most common errors in a short amount of time.

Tools such as a grammar checker do not guarantee 100% accuracy, so it is always a good idea to double-check their results. You can do this by asking someone else to proofread your written content, as other people are more likely to find your mistakes.

Paraphrase Clunky/Badly Flowing Sentences

During proofreading, it is not uncommon to find parts of the text that do not flow well, i.e., the text abruptly switches between sub-topics without a proper transition. To deal with this, you can either write some text for padding or simply paraphrase abrupt parts.

You can try to paraphrase the text yourself if you are confident. However, you can also try an AI-based word rephrase tool to bring better flow to the content of your writing.

Tools, such as a word rephraser, have the advantage of saving time. They are also good at maintaining a certain level of readability, which contributes to a good flow.

Check for Plagiarism

One of the most important reasons for proofreading is to detect plagiarism in your write-up.

There is only one real way of checking for plagiarism, and that is with the help of online tools.

Run your content through a free plagiarism checker to ensure that the written content is sufficiently original (<96% unique). It is a tall order to make your content completely unique, so generally, there is a little bit of plagiarism allowed in most write-ups. 

A free plagiarism checker is good enough to check an essay of average length. Most tools allow you to check up to 1,000 words for free, but there are some that allow even 2,000 words. So, you won’t have trouble checking your essay so long as it is within those limits.


When writing a good academic essay, it is crucial to follow the conventional order. For instance, you can start with an introduction, write the body of your essay and finish with a conclusion. However, you can’t straightaway jump into writing because doing so can set you on a meandering path. Therefore, always start with the research phase.

When it comes to the actual writing phase, the key things to consider are style, tone, and language. Language is probably the most important factor when writing an essay, as even a well-written essay can have errors in its language. Therefore, we recommend proofreading your work before submitting it because, besides the actual quality of the material, spelling, and grammar hold the key to the quality of an essay.