How to Set SMART SEO Goals for Your Enterprise Business

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How to Set SMART SEO Goals for Your Enterprise Business

Is it with us or do you too have that feeling of being clueless when working without goals? If yes, then imagine that if your SEO is goal-less then what will be the intensity of failure? Yes, it is scary to visualize. So, setting a goal is essential. But wait is it enough? Unfortunately, no, because setting a SMART goal is what will give you the best ROI.  

Let us understand the concept of the SMART Goal: 

SMART is an abbreviation to: 

S: Specific 

M: Measurable 

A: Actionable 

R: Realistic or Relevant 

T: Timely 

If a goal has all these specifications, your goal is smart enough to generate results.  

  • Before you start your goal setting, it is essential to ask a few questions: 
  • What specifically do you want to plan to measure? 
  • Have you decided how to measure KPI? 
  • Will you be able to make an actionable impact on the decided KPI? 
  • Is your plan relevant to your company objectives? 
  • What will be the time limit or timeframe that your actions will be able to show impact on the KPI? 

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The process to apply SMART Goal to your SEO: 

These principles of SMART will help you to achieve success through SEO: 


Specification matters as it is essential for you that your goal and business objectives should marry each other. It is easy to goal of being #1 but equally difficult to execute. Having specific goals will help you to understand the target area that can help you grow. Your goal and its motive must be crystal clear. It should connect to your objective and your team members should be able to see what you are envisioning. 

When you are choosing your KPIs while setting your SEO goals make sure that you have chosen the KPIs that will help your business in the long run. 

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SEO KPIs across the Marketing Funnel: 

Top of the Marketing Funnel: Awareness: 

  • Impression in totality 
  • Page 1 search volume 
  • Number of clicks from search engine 
  • CTR  
  • Number of users from search 
  • Revenue from search traffic 

Bottom (Conversion): 

Revenue from conversions and search is a particularly powerful KPI to include in your goals as it helps prove SEO and content marketing ROI, which are key determinants of marketing success. Overall, it’s important to make sure that our goals are clear and connected to our business objectives so everyone from the boardroom to the marketing department understands what success looks like. 


Setting goals is not always enough. Of the enormous benefits of digital marketing, this is one of the best benefits that you can measure everything. But having analytics is just not enough. One has to be specific about their SEO goals so that it can be ensured that, how these goals should be measured. This will help us to find ways to illustrate the improvements in the SEO metrics.  

Here are a few SEO KPIs that we should take into consideration: 

  • SEO Metrics 
  • Link-building metrics 
  • Real-world metrics 


Aiming high helps in motivating and working harder to achieve success. But continuous failure in achieving them also demoralizes the team. It should be a cautious decision that what goal you are setting. Your goal should be high but practically achievable. For example, ask yourself if you can target the keyword which you are trying to chase? If you are in the league in which big players are already ruling? Etc.  

You will instantly realize what you need to change with which one. Whenever you will monitor a Digital Marketing Company in Lucknow, you will notice that they have very realistic goals.


Your goal should have a time limit. This helps your team to get paced and easily achieve the goal. Also, the strategies in digital marketing have a very small shelf life. So, if you have planned something for that time period, it is essential to achieve it as you never know when that timeline expires and so does the trend you were working on. 

Framework for creating SEO goals: 

So, by now we know very well what a SMART goal is and how to create the same. But another challenge is how to execute the entire process. It can be easily sorted by creating a proper three-step framework for the execution of your smart goals. 

Three simple steps Framework for creating SEO goals: 

  • Set an outcome goal: 

It is the final goal that you are striving to achieve by the deadline.  

  • Performance goal: 

Break your outcome into performance goals. Allocate smaller goals to each team within their deadline and motivate them to achieve them within that timeframe.  

  • Process Goal: 

Break the performance goal again into the process goal. These are simplified versions of performance goals and are easy to monitor.  

Breaking these goals will help each team to work and meet the deadline. The workload is reduced and hence they will be able to meet the deadline. Once each section can accomplish its goal, your final SMART goal is achieved gradually.  

Working smart always helps. SEO Services in Lucknow are considered the highest potential digital marketing technique. SMART goals in SEO do nothing but systemize your functionality. Systematically carried out work always marks success in the long. So, next time you are setting your SMART SEO goals keep these tips and information in mind.

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