How to select a good Disability Lawyer

Charlotte Miller

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If you become incapacitated and require the assistance of a lawyer to assist you in applying for Social Security disability benefits — or appealing a disability rejection — it might seem like an onerous undertaking to find a lawyer with whom you will feel comfortable working. Because, after you have identified potential attorneys that you could consider hiring, you will need to meet with them in order to assess whether or not they are a suitable match for you. You will benefit significantly from the assistance of a qualified Social Security disability attorney once you have found the one you like.

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Several options exist for locating a lawyer to represent you in your disability case, including the following methods:

Consult with attorney

 To find a lawyer who has experience in Social Security disability law, you can ask your current lawyer for a referral to another lawyer who has experience in the area. If you already have a relationship with an attorney (such as one who has handled other legal matters for you), you can ask that attorney for a referral to another lawyer who has experience in the area. Lawyers are typically very cautious when making recommendations because if you have a negative experience with the lawyer whom they have suggested, it will reflect negatively on the reputations of both lawyers.

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Consult with relatives and friends.

 Some of the people in your circle of friends and family may have had previous experience with disability attorneys without you being aware of it. There are a variety of reasons why family and friends may be acquainted with disability attorneys, including a friendship or a professional relationship. It might be beneficial to have a family member or friend recommend a lawyer that they have confidence in, since this may put you at ease with the attorney.

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Inquire with others who have gone through the disability process themselves

When you are disabled, you are frequently involved in rehabilitation alongside other disabled people, such as at rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and other places of service. Additionally, you may encounter people who are disabled through their jobs or employment training, their housing conditions, or other community activities and organizations.

It is advantageous to consult with someone who has gone through the procedure previously since they will be able to tell you about their experience working with that specific lawyer (though you do not want to be unduly influenced by others’ experiences, which are likely to be different from your own).