How to Relax the Weekend After Relocation

Charlotte Miller

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Packing up your life, memories and belongings is an extremely difficult task to do. Moving out of a place you were used to calling home and adjusting to a completely new environment, though an exciting feeling comes with its disadvantages.Relocation is a rollercoaster of emotional and physical turmoil, most adults who have newly moved experience a lot of stress, insomnia, anxiety, burnout, exertion and even depression.

The experts at state that post moving you sure could use some time off to cope with the drastic changes in your life all happening simultaneously. Here is your guide to a perfect weekend getaway for all sorts of people with all sorts of different tastes.

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Play Tourist:

If you are new to the area it is time to explore the place and hit the most popular locations to find out what your new home is famous for. Pamper yourself with the activities that give you a sense of thrill like going to watch a live band performance while enjoying your favourite food, renting out a camper van for a road trip with your family or simply unwind on a nature based adventure trip which might include high adrenaline pumping sports like hiking, rock climbing, boating, river rafting an even camping.

Spa day:

Every person has a different perception of “relaxing” if going out for a spin with all your family or friends is not your thing then you could have a treat yourself day with some alone time! Get a massage, do your nails, try aromatherapy, get a facial whilst listening to your favourite jams or maybe even reading a book, savour the luxurious delicacies the town has to offer, try going on a thrifting spree, doing yoga and meditating can make your weekend a high end cosmopolitan mood booster.

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De-stressing doesn’t always have to be expensive. A lot of people find redecorating their new home therapeutic and claim that it acts like a soul healing process. It is a form of self-expression. The idea is to let loose and turn your home into a place that will recharge your batteries, you could repaint your walls, buy or make new artwork, let a bit of nature into your house by gardening or buying low maintenance succulents. Even young kids find designing their rooms joyous. Which child wouldn’t want to have the theme of their room in their favourite colours with wallpapers of their most loved cartoon characters?

Quality family time:

You could also use this time as a staycation to have a little more intimate family time, getting take outs of your favourite food while having a movie night, playing board games, charades, cards, table tennis, jenga, pictionary etc. can be a part of some light hearted fun. Indulging in deep and meaningful conversations with the other members can take the emotional burden off of each person. Parents should have real time discussions with their children to help them better adjust with a new school, new friends and an overall different lifestyle that they may be having issues with which they avoid sharing with their adults.

Making new bonds:

New home means new neighbours. Planning a house warming party and inviting the neighbourhood with your is a significant way to get to know each other better which will help in being a better neighbour by understanding them which in future will be of great aid when you are in need and vice versa.

Help your children:

Children are worse affected on moving. Kids are expected to move to a new school with knowing very little to none about the teachers and other students there, though even the adults leave their friends and other loved ones behind, but little kids take longer to overcome the emotional attachment they had, this causes a lot of children to have poor performance in school, detachment issues, loneliness and behavioural changes. Dedicate one weekend to your kids and let them make themselves comfortable in the new life.

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Wrapping it up:

At the end of the day only you can decide what makes up an ideal weekend for you. You do not have to necessarily go all out to enjoy yourself and take a break. If just sleeping in and getting a hearty breakfast with a strong cup of coffee is enough than be it. As long as it is recreational for you it doesn’t matter what you are doing.These weekend vacations can rejuvenate you becoming a source that will help get you ready to go back to grinding in your hectic schedule, and help you stay focused and keep the cloudiness of fatigue at baywhile you have a sense of peace and tranquillity in your newly changed lifestyle. Try them out and have a refreshing weekend after the move.