How to quickly check the JAMB result for 2022

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The joint admissions and matriculation board (JAMB) had previously announced the results of the 2022 unified tertiary matriculation examination (utme), according to an earlier report from recruit.

According to this recruit site source, the JAMB’s head of public affairs and protocol made this claim in a statement on saturday, may 14, 2022.

According to recruit nigeria, JAMB instructed applicants to sms utmeresult to 55019 using the same phone number as their 2022 JAMB registration.

Check JAMB result sms

According to the statement, all a candidate needs to do to verify their utme (unified tertiary matriculation examination) result for 2022 is text the word utmeresult to the number 55019 using the phone they registered with. The board has not yet released the 2022 utme results on its website for obvious reasons, thus this is the only way to see them at this time.

Candidates are additionally advised that they would, as usual, receive a variety of messages from desperate fraudsters detailing how to verify that their results differ from the example provided. 

The board, therefore, advises all applicants to disregard any such emails regarding how to verify their 2022 utme results because they are all the consequence of deception intended to deceive them. 

The board has implemented this user-friendly and simplified approach to review utme results in line with the government’s commitment to ease of doing business. This simplified procedure also prevents the despicable exploitation of applicants by shady business centers and cyber cafes. 

According to the statement released by JAMB on Saturday afternoon, the 2022 utme started on may 6 and finished on may 13.

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How can I check my JAMB 2022 result?

You can check your JAMB utme results with your registration number or you can check your JAMB Result offline through sms without providing your registration number.

How to check JAMB results by phone

  1.     JAMB result 2022 with phone:
  2.     Visit the portal at to access the JAMB result checker with a phone number.
  3.     Fill out the required section with your phone number.
  4.     Select “check my results.” 6.
  5.     If your result is ready, the site will load it.
  6.     Please go to access the JAMB result-checking portal.
  7.     Fill up the required column with your JAMB registration number or registered number.
  8.     Then click “check my results,” and your JAMB score will appear.

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How to access JAMB results via sms in 2022 and 2023

Send utmeresult to 55019 or 66019 with the registration number to see your JAMB result as of right now (you must have a credit balance of at least n50 on your line).Soon after, an sms reply will be sent in response to the outcome.

How to online check JAMB result 2022

Online JAMB result checking method approved for 2022:

  •         Visit the utme result checker site at
  •         In the required column, enter your JAMB registration number or email address for 2022.
  •         Then choose to check my results.
  •         Once your result is ready, the site will upload it.

How to use the 55019 sms to check JAMB 2022 result

  •         Make sure your credit balance on your line is at least n50.
  •         Using the phone you registered with, send the sms command utmeresult to 55019.
  •         Your JAMB result will be delivered to you after the n50 fee deduction.

JAMB original result printing instructions

  •         Please sign in to your JAMB e-facility account and select “print result slip” from the menu on the left.
  •         Your transaction id and information will be displayed
  •         And n1000 will be charged to you for it.
  •         Scroll down and click “continue payment”.
  •         To continue, click “pay now.”
  •         Select a payment method, such as mastercard or online banking.