How To Protect Your Packages In Current Times

Charlotte Miller

Updated on:

Many people shop online, whether for items for personal use or for items for their home business. When those packages arrive through a delivery service, the reality is that if you’re not careful, the items you’re expecting can sometimes be taken away by porch pirates. However, there are easy steps you can take to protect your parcels.

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Use package tracking

Most delivery companies provide updates regarding the time that you can expect your parcel to arrive. You can usually engage in tracking the progression of your parcel. This will indicate what time it has been put on the delivery truck. The tracking is completely updated once the package has arrived at your designated location. That is why it is a good idea to use package tracking when you’re expecting something from a delivery service, which may also include overnight delivery. Bear in mind, however, that services often only obtain delivery signatures after set times in the morning, as noted by LSO (, so you may need to choose a later delivery slot if you also require a signature. If you are not able to be on-site at the time that the parcel is expected to be delivered, you can ask someone to be at your home at the time of the delivery. 

That is why it is a good idea to use a package locker Denver when you’re expecting something from a delivery service, which may also include overnight delivery.

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Get a video doorbell

Video doorbells are gaining popularity as a way to provide good protection for homes. They can also act as security cameras, allowing you to see a video of the person who is ringing your doorbell and hear what they are saying. In addition, a video doorbell allows you to speak to the person on the other side of the door, enabling you to have a two-way conversation. Moreover, when you cannot be home to receive your package from a delivery service, a doorbell that has a video camera will serve as a great way to add extra security for your parcels. If a porch pirates see that the home has a video doorbell, they usually resist taking your parcels, not wanting to be caught in action on video.

Use a signature 

It is a common occurrence for packages to simply be left outside your home upon delivery, even when it is overnight delivery. However, that is not the only way that packages can be delivered to your home. There are many companies that are offering the opportunity for you to select the signature option when your parcel is delivered. This means that the package cannot be left at your home without your signature. Once you sign the document, you will be provided with your parcel. This is an optimal security measure to ensure that your parcels stay safe. 

It makes sense to take extra precautions to ensure that your parcels cannot be stolen before you receive your delivery. When you have safeguards in place, you can rest assured that you will be able to get all your parcels in a safe and successful manner.