How to Prepare Child Development & Pedagogy for UP TET 2021 Exam?

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As we know, UPTET 2021 exam has been postponed until further notice, however it is equally important to keep preparing for it. This will help you to be in practice and revise the syllabus. This exam is mainly conducted to calculate and determine one’s eligibility and capability as a teacher. 

UP TET 2021 exam is among the most competitive exams, thousands of applicants apply and sit for this one every year. This increases the competition between the aspirants. But, for you to score better it is recommended to follow some tips and strategies. In this article, we will be focusing on how you should prepare for child development and Pedagogy for UP TET. 

These subject-wise tips and strategy will help you to acquire a better idea about the exam. First of all, you need to get used to the syllabus. Some tips regarding time management can help you as well. You can start to get acquainted with the subjects and start making short notes out of them. this will help you keep things memorized. Hence, this is an exam to determine your capability as a teacher you need to have a good understanding and knowledge of the subject you are willing to teach. 

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Syllabus Overview of UP TET

You can start with a UPTET preparation strategy that is available online. You must go through the elaborated syllabus before you start your preparation. You must go through all the topics of each subject. By doing this you are helping yourselves, to know your weak and strong points.

When you are checking the syllabus always try to check the latest version of it. This way you may even get to know about new additions in the syllabus. There are two papers I and II. The UPTET paper I include – Child Development and Methodology and Pedagogy, Language I (Hindi), Language II (English, Urdu or Sanskrit), Environmental Studies and Mathematics. The Second paper includes Child Development and Methodology and Pedagogy, Language I (Hindi), Language II (English, Urdu or Sanskrit) and Mathematics/Science/Social Science. 

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Preparing for Child Development & Pedagogy

No matter which TET you are appearing for child development and pedagogy is one of the most significant parts of all. You need to prepare for this subject thoroughly. This section has never been included in any school or college curriculum, hence it is a new section for everyone. It is a very scoring section but many aspirants struggle to do well in this one. 

This subject is mainly concerned with the development of the mental state of children, basically through the years of adolescence. To become a good teacher you must understand the psychology of students and develop your teaching skills based on that. Here are some tips from UPTET preparation 2021 that will help you to ace the game of this section – 

  • Go through the Syllabus 

You must go through the syllabus before you dedicate your time and effort to this section. You can start by separating the syllabus into several sections if it helps you. You must give equal concentration to all the section, don’t take any of the section lightly. 

  • Read Books for Each Topic 

Start with choosing the right books that will benefit you. Always go by reviews and recommendation while you are choosing books. 

  • Make Writing Your Habit 

You must start making it a habit to write whatever you are learning. Make it a daily habit, this will help you to memorise better. Writing also stands as practice and enhances your writing speed and accuracy of answers. Moreover, these notes will be helpful when you feel the need for revising. 

  • Make Routine, Pointers and Flow Chart

This is a new topic for every aspirant hence you are recommended to make a routine, draw a flow chart and make pointers as well. This will help you in learning this subject quicker than you think. Make the flow chart in a simpler way for you to understand it when needed. 

  • Take Mock Tests 

Start taking a mock test when you feel you have prepared the whole topic. This will help you to practice and even help in making your answers accurate with each go. When trying this tip try to answer recent papers. 

  • Revise 

You need to revise before the main exam. No matter how well you have prepared for the exam, revising will help you in multiple ways that you might not even imagine. Start with reading the notes you have made all along. 

Tips for Preparation 

According to the previous year’s question paper, this year’s UP TET is going to have two sets of paper I and II. If you are applying for Class I to V you must prepare for Paper I whereas for Class VI to VIII you must prepare for Paper II. The papers are drafted to determine the capability of the candidate as a teacher, hence you should prepare accordingly. Here are some UPTET preparation tips that you can use –

  • Practice 

It is one of the most competitive exams in the country and you should not underestimate it. One of the best strategies to crack this exam is to keep practising. Practice and revise each of the subjects. You will become accurate with every mock test you take. You can start by practising the most recent sample papers. 

  • Time Management 

No matter which exam you are preparing for you need to ensure that you are using your time to get the best results. You can start with a routine, that you will effectively follow. Allocate the time according to each subject, that you are weak in. You can start with allocating equal time to every chapter, this will help you to evaluate which subjects you are weak or strong in. 

  • Prepare Notes 

Preparing notes can help you in the best way. From writing down the essential notes and formulas to revising them from time to time, notes are helpful in every way. Preparing notes can also help you ignore going through the whole book. 

You can also try UPTET preparation online if you are not confident preparing without a proper guide. 

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