How to post Instagram videos on Facebook & download IG videos

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How to post Instagram videos on Facebook & download IG videos

Are you doing Facebook and Instagram simultaneous promotions? If you do not know how to download Instagram videos and share them, this is the article for you.

How to sync Instagram with Facebook

Currently, the number of people using social networks in parallel is very common. Along with that, individuals and businesses also began to promote simultaneously on multiple applications.

This method helps the product quickly reach the desired number of customers. At the same time reach more from different sources to find a large audience of interest.

For Facebook and Instagram, existing users can sync for automatic posting. That is, when installed, any article when posted to an application will be broadcasted similarly.

This way to download Instagram video sync with Facebook is very appreciated. In addition to saving time, it also helps to evaluate the number of simultaneous interactions in both applications. To install do the following.

  • Select account settings and Facebook link account section.
  • Enter the account information you want to link.

Once completed the Instagram account will link to your timeline on Facebook.

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Share stories at the same time

How to download Instagram video story to Facebook is not difficult. You just need to go into the app and create a story as usual. Before posting, select “Share your story” on Facebook.

For accounts that are already linked to multiple sites, you can choose to cross-post simultaneously. First, open the Instagram app, select the menu from the profile picture. Then go to “Account Settings” and “Linked Accounts”.

Now select the Facebook page you want to upload your story at the same time. If you want to switch to the second account, in the settings select “Add account” to start. Follow the same steps as above.

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How to use a computer to upload IGTV videos to Facebook

IGTV is an Instagram tool that provides users with specialized in posting video content. Because it is a specialized tool, many people love to use it to create videos here.

Once completed, you can share from IGTV to Facebook using your computer. To do this, you just need to visit your personal page on IGTV. Select “Upload” and tap the “+” sign to download an existing video from the library.

When finished editing and sharing you can also choose to share to the Facebook page. With the first implementation, you will receive a notification from IGTV. Now just link to the account you want to share.

Download Instagram video and post it directly on Facebook

How to download Instagram videos to your device brings a lot of practical benefits. In addition to being able to review at any time, you can also use it to share directly to other applications.

To download videos from Instagram to your computer, you will need the support of

an Instagram downloader like SnapInsta, SnapSave.

  • Step 1: Copy the video link you want to save.
  • Step 2: Access IG downloader SnapInsta on any device you have.
  • Step 3: Paste the copied link in the text box and select download.

With these 3 simple steps, you can quickly save videos in HD quality. So it is completely safe to share it in any form. SnapInsta is the most trusted free tool today.


Instagram always gives users a series of attractive features. To make the most of the simultaneous sharing feature on Facebook, we introduce to you the above ways.

Hope you can apply the most flexible way to download Instagram videos. Let’s start now to connect with people as quickly as possible. Good luck.


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