How To Organize Spices In The Kitchen Tips & Tricks

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How To Organize Spices In The Kitchen Tips & Tricks

We all use spices in the kitchen: we constantly need to add salt, then pour pepper or make some kind of spicy marinade based on curry.

But, have you noticed that the more spices in the kitchen, the more problems with their storage? 

Numerous jars, bags, envelopes – all this clutters up our kitchen cabinets and makes us nervous. Especially when you can’t find cinnamon to bake gingerbread cookies! How to solve this pressing problem? – Stop using spices! – Well, I do not! Surely there are better methods. Let’s try to figure it out together with Royal Craft Wood – manufacturer of spice organizers, cutting boards, drawer dividers and much more useful for the kitchen! 

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And we will start, perhaps, with the history of the emergence of spices, in order to better immerse ourselves in the study of the issue. So, let’s go back a little in history before understanding how to organize spices in cabinets. 

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The history of spices

The history of spices is a long and winding tale, full of intrigue and adventure. From the first time someone sprinkled pepper on their food, to the modern-day spice trade, spices have always been in high demand.

How To Organize Spices In The Kitchen Tips & Tricks

The desire for spices has driven exploration and trade throughout history, as people have searched for new and exotic flavors to add to their dishes. Wars have been fought over control of spice routes, and merchants have risked everything to get their hands on a shipment of cinnamon or saffron.

Today, the spice trade is a multibillion-dollar industry, and spices are more popular than ever. Whether you’re cooking at home or ordering from a restaurant, chances are you’re using spices to enhance your food’s flavor.

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How to organize spice cabinet

Organizing a spice cabinet can be a daunting task, but with careful planning and consideration, it can be done easily and quickly. The key to success is to first consider what needs to be done: sorting the spices, figuring out where they should go and how much space is needed for each.

The best way to get started is by taking everything out of the cabinet. Spread the items out on a large surface so you can easily view them all at once. Take this opportunity to discard any expired items or empty containers. Now, sort through the remaining spices into different categories such as baking spices, herbs or chili peppers. This will help you determine which items should be kept together.

Next, measure the height and width of your cabinet so you know how much room you have to work with. This will help you determine how many shelves you need and how high they should be placed in the cabinet. If possible, select adjustable shelving that can be adjusted as needed; this ensures that all available space is maximized. Place larger jars of spices on lower shelves and smaller spice bottles on higher ones; this keeps things organized while also making sure nothing gets knocked over or spilled.

Once everything is organized into categories and placed on suitable shelves, it’s time to label each shelf group accordingly. You may want to use labels such as “baking spices” or “herbs” for easy organization and identification in the future. If desired, use small tins or baskets on each shelf for further organization; doing this helps keep items together without taking up too much room in the cabinet itself.

Finally, make sure that all lids are closed properly after each use – this not only helps prevent messes but also preserves flavor longer by keeping air from getting into the spice jar. To make finding what you need easier in the future, consider investing in an electronic spice rack or other type of rotating storage system for easy access to every item in your collection!