How to Open Demat Account for NRI

Charlotte Miller

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If you are an NRI, you can easily open a free Demat account however, you must follow specific rules outlined in the International Exchange Regulation Act (FEMA)

The Indian equities market offers significant options for the NRIs. Many non-resident Indians (NRIs) aspire to be a part of India’s economic narrative by trading at the nation’s share prices.

Demat accounts are typically intended to store securities in electronic, dematerialized form. In the beginning, the first approach to trade in the stock market is to create a Demat and trading account.

NRIs could also open a Demat account and trading account to trade stocks. Nevertheless, they must follow a somewhat different method than native Indians while opening an NRI Demat account.

According to FEMA standards, NRIs must get PIS (Portfolio Investment Scheme) clearance from RBI to engage in India’s resale market. PIS permission is required because any investment made using NRI accounts must be disclosed to the RBI.

Process of Opening a Demat account as a Non-Resident Indian (NRI)

NRIs who want to open a Demat account in India could do that in 2 ways. Either offline, by contacting the DP’s headquarters during their tour, or remotely (should they be in a different country).

The offline method

NRIs must be in India to open an NRI Demat account offline. Customers can go to their trader’s local branch and fill out the account establishing application with the assistance of the recruiting personnel. They should also provide the papers on the Authorized Valid Papers (OVD) checklist, which is detailed in the registration form.

The DP’s department verifies the provided paperwork against the originals before opening the NRI Demat account. Customers can also visit offices overseas and pass over the filled registration form to the closest s Central area or office of a particular financial institution.

The digital procedure

NRIs who want to create Demat accounts after migrating overseas can do so online. The NRIs should first submit a request for an account establishment through the firm’s site. Following receipt of the application, the office person in charge of application components contacts NRI customers and assists them in completing the account established online.

NRIs must submit documentation as per the OVD list. Nevertheless, because the DP can not check the authentic papers, NRIs must get them authenticated by their bank branch or the Indian Ambassador in their place of residency.

The bank registration form and the validated papers are then couriered to the DPs agent. After that, the application is completed in India, and the NRI Demat account is established.

NRI Demat accounts are classified into the following categories:

NRIs can have both repatriable as well as non-repatriable term deposit accounts. They will also require a basic PINS (Capital Investment Scheme) Profile to purchase shares on the resale market.

Demat Account with Repatriable Value:

Repatriable money (funds that can be moved overseas) must be held in a distinct bank account, referred to simply as an NRE consideration. These NRI Demat accounts hold funds transferred in from overseas. Profits from the sale of these funds may be carried overseas. These investments must be kept in a gross basis Demat account.

Non-returnable Demat Account:

Non-repatriable monies (assets that cannot be brought back home) should be maintained separately from gross basis funds. These monies should be kept in an NRO institution. The earnings from selling such assets are not transferable outside of the country.

The investments must be kept in a non-repatriable depository account. NRIs can participate in IPOs employing funds in existing NRE funds on a gross basis premise. Many DPs need not charge extra fees for opening a Demat account; nonetheless, users must pay the applicable service fees for transactions made via the Demat account.


You now know how to open a Demat account for the NRIs. You should thus decide whether you should have one or not. But make sure you follow the required steps when opening an NRI Demat account.