How to open a Bitcoin trading account?

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How to open a Bitcoin trading account

Bitcoin is one of the most reputable Cryptocurrencies, widely used by investors across the globe. It is the world’s first Cryptocurrency which is presently attracting the maximum number of investors to invest. As the world is moving towards digitalisation, Cryptocurrency trading has also become automated with the help of some great trading platforms available in the market. Bitcoin as such, stands out for its wide variety of features and benefits. No wonder, it is being used all across the globe today.

Bitcoin Era is one of those platforms which has gained the attention of maximum prospective investors through its unmatched features like an automated trading bot, user-friendly interface and accurate market algorithms. These algorithms help traders and investors to earn a consistent profit daily. 

Opening a Bitcoin trading account on any trading platform is very simple, and it just requires three easy steps to open a Bitcoin trading account. Bitcoin Era and its simple to understand site help open the trading account with great ease. Here’s how you can do it too when you wish for the same. 

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Steps To Open A Bitcoin Trading Account

Opening a Bitcoin trading account is as simple as anything with the Bitcoin Era. There are just three minimal steps involved to create the trading account, followed by a live trading facility. The steps are as follows:

Step 1- Register Into The Bitcoin Trading Account

To register into the Bitcoin trading account, you have to provide the trading software system with some basic personal information like phone number, email address, and name. Once this information is registered, the system shall verify the account by sending a One Time Password to the account owner. Upon verification, the account user will get access to their account for trading Cryptocurrencies. 

Step 2- Funding Of The Account

When the Bitcoin trading account is registered, and the trader gets access to it, they have to find their account with a minimal deposit of USD 250. This amount is the initial deposit for starting to trade Bitcoins. However, this amount can be raised as per the trader’s will. Since Bitcoin is a risky Crypto asset, keeping the initial deposit low to prevent losses is recommended. 

Step 3- Live Trading

Once the account is registered and funded with a minimal USD 250, the traders can start with their live trading sessions. These live trading sessions are a great facility for both novice and seasoned traders. Some Bitcoin trading platforms also provide Demo Trading sessions to see Live Trading using virtual money. 

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The Bottom Line

Bitcoin is a digital Cryptocurrency that has changed the whole financial ecosystem. Its features and availability attract many traders to trade in Bitcoins. The facilities and services provided by some Bitcoin trading platforms like the Bitcoin Era make it easy for traders to trade their favourite Cryptos. Opening a Bitcoin trading account is also no more a hassle. Any trader can open a Bitcoin trading account without any difficulties and issues with the steps mentioned above. So, start today for the best experience.