How to Make The Most Out of Cheap Tiles

Charlotte Miller

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Tiles are an essential part of the modern home. You would be hard-pressed to find a home that does not make use of tiles at all. It would be nearly impossible to find such a home. Tiles are also artistic materials in the sense that they really do have the potential to be a sort of art piece for your homes. However, one thing that can be a deterrent to getting tiles is the fact that when you need to tile a large space, the price of the entire operation can really get quite expensive and steep. Fortunately, though, there are other ways of using tiles in the Home Depot range of budget. There is also the possibility of combining tiles in order to make a custom look that is completely unique to your home as well. Even if the budget can be a constraint, if you get a little creative with how you use the tiles, you can get some pretty incredible results. In this article, we will be giving you tips on how exactly to do just that. 

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  • Make Sure That You Are Getting The Most Amount Of Value For Your Money

It is important to remember that art tiles are pretty incredible accent pieces. While they are most obviously suited for kitchens and bathrooms (places where you do need a lot of tiles indeed), they can also work equally well for the surrounding areas of fireplaces, indoor fountains, etc. If money is short and you still want to make a bold statement, consider plunging a bit on the fireplace. The fireplace is a focal point for the public, and the number of tiles required for the project would also be minimal. 

Also, if you do not have a big enough budget for you to pull off a whole surround for the tub or even a backsplash for the kitchen, just find a deco or panel that you really like and proceed to picture framing it. In the area around the focus, make sure that you use liners that are less expensive, use plain tiles, and use some trim that is molded to fill in space. 

Another thing that you may want to take into consideration is to not get the premium decorative pieces from the manufacturer. Instead, make sure that you surround them properly with field tiles that are plain. You can also try floating the fancier tiles randomly within the field, or you can even go for a repeating pattern. 

If you happen to be in love with a particular tile type, make sure that you consider how it will serve you once it is installed. If, for instance, the shower is fitted with a glass door that is opaque or it has a curtain in front of it, make sure that you do not spend too much money there. 

For kitchens, make sure that the decor and borders that you use are situated where you can see them. Ideally, this should be behind the sink or maybe even behind the cooktop. You can use undecorated tiles for the backsplash in the kitchen areas that will not be visible due to the kitchen appliances. 

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  • Get your tiles at a discounted price.

Every tile showroom on the face of this planet, even the absolute small-scale operators, does offer a lot of sales on tiles that have been discontinued and also on some particular custom orders which did not get picked up. If you have the time in your hands and if you can keep an open mind, you may just be able to find a set that is both beautiful and also in the right price range for you

  • Make Use of Production Tiles

All the big manufacturers of tiles make tiles for walls, floors, and other decorative ones in styles and sizes designed to replicate the feel of historical life. With just a bit of imagination, you can give proper installations of these custom tiles for a custom look. This will also make big tiling projects such as the bathroom and the floors much more affordable. Make sure that you plan out a border for a floor that is otherwise wholly plain. 

  • You May Want To Go South Of The Border

Mexican tiles have a long history of craft behind them, and they are both handcrafted and really colorful. These tiles also are a lot less expensive than their American counterparts. If you are in the market for tiles, it may be the perfect opportunity for you to finally make that visit to Mexico that you have always wanted. Remember that when you are buying American tiles, you are also paying for the American labor that went into the production of these tiles. American labor is much more expensive than Mexican labor, and therefore, you can really get some very good deals on tiles if you are ready to travel to the south of the border a bit. 

  • Take Inspiration From The Past

Reusing and finding tiles that have been salvaged is not exactly everyone’s idea of a good time, but the fact of the matter is that it can be done. A lot of dealers sell individual tiles that are just fabulous. These can be used in what is known as a “picture frame” arrangement. They can also be used as panels that consist of 4 to about ten pieces of these tiles. Finally, they can even be used to reclaim the surrounds of a fireplace completely. However, there is a finite supply of these tiles, and you do have to make do with sizes that already exist. 

  • Install it yourself

One of the best ways to save on tiles is to completely cut out the installation costs and just do it yourself. Installation costs can be massive, and installing tiles is not exactly rocket science either. However, you will need a lot of patience to do it properly. Just a quick google search will show you tons of tutorials on how to install tiles.