Charlotte Miller

Imagine walking into a home straight from the glossy pages of a home and decor magazine, a space that not only radiates beauty but also embodies your unique essence. Home decor is an art of self-expression, a way to infuse your personality into your living environment.It goes beyond fleeting trends, encompassing elements like lighting, texture, and color, each contributing to the symphony of your space. Whether you’re revitalizing an existing room or starting from scratch, thorough research and planning set the stage. In this blog post, we’ll be your guides through the captivating world of home decor items.


How do you buy home decor items online?

Define Your Style and Needs:

  •  This step involves understanding your personal taste and preferences for home decor. Do you prefer a modern, traditional, rustic, or eclectic style? Knowing your style helps you focus on items that align with your aesthetic.
  • Identify what specific home decor items you need. Are you looking for photo frames, vases, lighting fixtures, decorative accessories, or other items? Knowing your needs narrows down your search.

Set a Budget:

  • This will help you stay on track and avoid overspending. Consider your overall budget for the project and allocate a portion to decor

Measure Your Space:

  • Measure the dimensions of the areas in your home where you intend to place the new decor items. This includes walls, floors, and spaces for furniture. Accurate measurements prevent buying items that won’t fit.

Research Online Stores:

  • Delve into various online retailers, home decor marketplaces, and specialized home decor websites. Seek out stores that boast diverse item selections and competitive pricing.
  • Take into account important factors like the online store’s reputation, the quality of their customer service, and the terms of their return policy.

Examine Customer Reviews:

  • Prior to making your buying decision, make sure to delve into the feedback provided by fellow customers who have previously purchased the same or similar items.

Compare Prices:

  • Don’t rush into buying  home decor items from the first online store you find. Compare prices of different online stores and then decide

Use Filters and Search Functions:

  • Take advantage of the filter and search functionalities commonly provided by online stores.

Inspect Product Images:

  • Thoroughly examine the product images provided on the website

Read Product Descriptions:

  •  Product descriptions offer important information about the item, including its dimensions, materials, care instructions, and any included accessories. Carefully read these details to ensure the item meets your requirements

Make a Purchase:

  • After you’ve identified the home decor items you desire, simply add them to your online shopping cart.
  • As you progress through the checkout process, ensure you furnish precise shipping details and opt for a secure payment method to finalize your purchase.

Track Your Order:

  •  After making a purchase, the online store typically provides order tracking information. Keep an eye on this information to monitor the progress of your order and determine the estimated delivery date.

Inspect Your Items Upon Arrival:

  • When your home decor items arrive, inspect them carefully for any damage or defect

Keep Records:

  • Save all relevant records, including the order confirmation email, receipt, and any warranty information provided by the online store.

What are some of the most common types of home decor items?

a. Hurricanes:

Hurricanes are decorative glass or metal containers used to hold candles. They are popular home decor items and are typically used to protect the candle flame from drafts, making them ideal for outdoor use or as table centerpieces.

b. Lanterns

 Lanterns are like magical little light fixtures enclosed with glass or clear panels. You can hang them up or place them on surfaces to hold candles, LED lights, or even some charming little plants. They come in all sorts of styles, from the classic to the rustic and even the modern, so they’re perfect for matching various interior design themes.

c. Pillar Candles

 Picture those elegant, cylindrical candles of different sizes that you often see on decorative holders, in sconces, or simply gracing your tables and mantels. Those are pillar candles! They’re not just visually appealing but also known for their long-lasting and classy burn.

d. Photo Frames

These are your trusty companions for displaying your cherished photographs and artworks. They come in a variety of materials like wood, metal, and acrylic and are available in different styles to match your room’s overall look. Photo frames add a personal touch and sentimental value to your living space.

Summary Home decor items are essential for adding character and warmth to our living spaces. Brands like Pure Home + Living (PHL) offer a wide range of stylish and innovative home decor items to suit every taste. These items, from candles to vases and decorative bowls to many more, allow us to infuse our homes with our unique style and create spaces that we love to spend time in.