How to Make Growing up Fun: A Guide to Learning and Development Aids

Charlotte Miller

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Let’s face it. Growing up can have its challenges, but it can also be just as exciting! Truth is, parents aren’t given a map or manual on raising kids, and children can’t skim to the back of a textbook to make it easier to define their role as a child.

   . More importantly, it is a natural process like a flower sprouting at its own pace and breathing in the sun unapologetically. Like a flower, we require the space to grow, so again, give yourself and others permission to merge from their soil and blossom into the beautiful flower they were always meant to be.  

Yes, It’s true. Life may not come with a guide for growing up, but overall, it still provides plenty of opportunities to craft out your own list of things you can do to ramp up the excitement of learning new things and developing new skills. Without further adieu, let’s turn those boys, girls, and all the innocence in the world into full functioning unicorns and make growing up fun with these few activities worth considering.

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The word alone gets you excited. Just think about it. How does a cozy, lit night dressed in stars with a summer breeze sound? Air cool enough to keep you close to a performance of flames dancing to the symphony of crickets and crackling wood? Oh yes, with hot dogs or s’mores on deck, the mood is close to perfect. 

Actually, it is so close to perfect that before you know it, you’ve surprisingly created a moment to enjoy life lessons through interactions like teaching one another to assemble a fire, the pacing on roasting and toasting, sharing personal tales of the past through storytime, (like a first-time breakup or most embarrassing moment.)

The beauty of what the right mood can inspire; conversations that hold great value, but for many reasons, interactions that can’t make it to a tense dinner table or after a long day of work or school. A bonfire disguises itself as fun leaving comfy moments of reflections to pull from when making decisions, days, weeks, months, and years ahead. After all, what is growing up without making sound choices in life?   

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Sewing is a powerful and engaging experience that’ll bring out the Zen and Coco Channel out of you..

With all jokes aside, sewing interestingly enough has this subtle ability to narrow attention as mentioned in this site and increase focus through overall awareness with its process of repetition. Working on projects side by side or collaboratively can aid in working together. In that alone, milestones are reached and growth spurts kick in. 

The nature of sewing is rooted in customization, which responds like a mirror reflecting our precious identities. This again inspires self-awareness, and the bonding that falls into a pursuit through this creative process leads to chemistry and dance between two individuals which can thread room for communication. 

Sewing can be an easy experience that’ll make learning fun especially with the right accessories like Love Sew. You can stitch a perfect moment once the creative juices are flowing. Expression will perfume the air, and a sense of natural development through enjoyment, fulfillment, and feeling a part of something bigger than life will inspire the desire to keep learning and growing.  


Like a bonfire, taking walks or hiking creates a perfect environment to have an inspiring experience–to listen and to learn from and about one another. The difference is there’s a little movement involved. Moving is one step closer to dancing, and when in motion, there is always an agreement on where the destination will be and when you’ll get there. 

Nature has a way of giving permission to open up and give a sense of wholeness. Also, you may find yourself passing time through conversation, or even in silence, while enjoying nature’s tweeting songs to each step.

Such an activity can provide fulfillment upon reaching the end of the road or at the top of a mountain while still prying the heartstrings with joy–pumping out stories of the past, sharing contemplations and perspectives, and even learning about the nature surrounding the scenery by using your favorite binoculars to discover new critters. From a hawk whooshing past to a bush of berries, identifying the world around you can aid in self awareness and inspire the desire for more discoveries.


It’s important for everyone to develop social experience while growing up. What better way to do that than a party? From paint parties to small gatherings, bringing loved ones or friends old and new to meet up and catch up by playing with their favorite kids toys or music has the potential to relieve whatever’s in the way from finding growing up to be fun.

The facts are we can learn academically, and education does have its place in helping to build social skills for children and adults alike because the interaction is like a curriculum in itself –a fundamental course in life as a whole, we sometimes come across as a burden. Some days are better than others when it comes to socializing, especially within fixed environments which often can feel mundane at times. Mixing up our daily surroundings in healthy ways will always spark growth through adventure, instead of falling into mood swings or temper tantrums.

So plan a party! Get excited! Prepare yourself to let out what’s been held inside all week with trusting people who can in return inspire better decision-making, and at very least provide support while children can ramp up the joy of learning through developing various skills around communication and interactions. 

Bake A Cake

Baking is yet another magical experience for children and adults altogether. The common goal is not only to fulfill a sweet tooth, but also to discover a single recipe- or pull up an old one!  Bring together all that’s needed to warm up the kitchen. While sweet scents fill the air, flavors smack the ceiling, and sugar touches the tongue, a moment is created for various opportunities for fun while growing up.  

We all know too well that a pleasant scent in the air while baking has a track record of stirring up anticipation. I can’t wait, or Hurry up, let’s eat! are all thoughts and feelings we come across while our pastries rise to a successful taste. No matter the rush, patience has its way of teaching why it’s worth it to wait. We hear it all the time, “It’s the journey, not the destination.”  

Each step of the way from waiting for the timer to announce that grand moment, the preparation and cleaning up after a mess, to even further waiting for that beautiful masterpiece to cool off and get decorated, learning becomes fun! It’s actually one of those rare moments where you get to have your cake and eat it too.

By now, it’s safe to say the meaning of life is to enjoy it! If growing is inevitable, why not make it a pleasant experience? Instead of heading out to strictly learn, aim for what is fun. Let these ideas inspire even more activities for your friends and family. Through following joy, the magic takes place.