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How to Make CCTV Monitoring Services at Parking Lots More Effective

by Krutika Lohakare
How to Make CCTV Monitoring Services at Parking Lots More Effective

When you own a business, the safety of your staff and inventory is your top priority. You have cameras and security surveillance systems in place to warn of any potential burglaries or intrusions by unruly elements. Then, have you considered the safety of your parking lots? With all that vehicle and foot traffic, parking zones are vulnerable to carjacking, theft, violent assault, as well as vandalism. 

Based on the findings of the Bureau of Justice Statistics, over 10 percent of property offenses happen in garages and parking areas.  It means you need to make CCTV surveillance at parking lots more effective. Here is how: 

CCTV Set up and Configuration 

You need to install CCTV cameras in the right way to avoid any obstructions to secure parking lots in shopping centers, schools, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities. Setting up high-quality cameras and placing them in the right direction will keep miscreants at bay. 

To make your CCTV monitoring more effective, ensure if there are sufficient pixels when it comes to the target, moving, and standing still. Focus on the shutter speed and do not trust the factory settings. The surveillance must be fast to capture visuals as well as freeze movement. 

Pay attention to lighting and test it thoroughly. Whether it is daytime, night, or artificial lighting, they make a considerable difference. 

Regular Maintenance and Notifications

You need the best CCTV camera systems for effective protection of cars in your parking lot. The most commonly stolen items from cars are wallets, backpacks, cash, jewelry, electronic devices, and things like that. Even if you have vehicles parked, your belongings aren’t safe from thieves or burglars. According to the reports of the Valley Police Department, 99 percent of vehicles are broken into are unlocked. 

Regular maintenance and servicing will help in preventing the theft of catalytic converters in cars. Did you know that these converters are made of precious platinum, rhodium, palladium, and even gold? Depending on the metal used in the converter, burglars can sell them to metal recycling providers and earn $200. The miscreants will need only a couple of minutes to remove the metal. Therefore, set up notifications so that you receive an email to learn whether the CCTV cameras are capturing useful visuals to deter the theft of catalytic converters. The email alerts will also inform you if the criminals moved the camera to obscure the view. 

Continuous Evaluation of CCTV Systems 

Your parking lot CCTV cameras require constant monitoring and evaluation. Make sure the video recording quality is the best and effective in using as evidence and the major hotspots are covered under the camera lens. Make sure you receive evaluation reports every 90 days during the initial stages after installation and next, at periodic intervals to ensure the safety of your staff and vehicles in the parking lot. 

Final Say

You need to ensure a safe parking lot environment to keep crimes at bay and so; you need professional CCTV monitoring services. Set up more lighting and eliminate hiding places for criminals so that your surveillance systems can capture clear visuals round the clock. Clarity of CCTV videos will help your security staff to detect as well as respond to break-ins quickly. 

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