How To Login to Your Airbnb Owner Account

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How To Login to Your Airbnb Owner Account

The Airbnb owner login procedure is straightforward, but you must first register an account. 

We understand how important it is to be included on listing sites – much more so when you’re just starting. That is why we suggest you use a channel manager that is fully integrated with websites such as Airbnb! 

What you need to know to access their website is as follows:

Simple Airbnb Login Procedures 

Step 1: Navigate to the Airbnb login page.

Step 2: As a host, you have numerous options for platform login. You may sign in using your phone number, Facebook account, Google account, or Apple account, or with the email address and password you used to create your account. This information is required to have access to the site to submit your ad or respond to visitor inquiries.

Step 3: Additionally, you may tick the “Remember me” button. This way, you’ll avoid having to repeat the second step each time you log in to your Airbnb owner account, albeit this is only suggested if you’re using a personal, private computer.

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You Have an Account but Cannot Access It Due to a Forgotten Password

You need not be concerned if you forget your password. Simply click on the “forgot password?” link placed directly under the password box to be sent to the “Reset password” page. After that, just enter the email address you used to create your Airbnb account and click “Send reset link.” You will then get an email with a link to re-create your password.

The reset links provided by Airbnb are time-limited and may be used just once. This implies that if you click the “Send reset link” button many times, you can only utilize the most recent email. If you find that the link is consistently expired before you can access it, you may need to deactivate the link preview or mail scanner function in your email service.

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Verify That the Email Address Used Is Correct

When creating your account profile, be sure to use the same email address that you will use to log in. If you have difficulties with your Airbnb login, keep in mind that the site may always email you instructions.

You may wish to save a record of your login information in case you forget them. As an alternative, you may utilize Airbnb administration software to have immediate access to your Airbnb reservations and calendars. This program automatically syncs all of your Airbnb bookings with your vacation rental website and any other external channels.

Do not create two accounts to advertise your house just because you forgot the login information for the first. This might create complications when it comes time to register your possessions. Additionally, it may confuse the Airbnb system when it sends information to hosts.

Avoid Using a Simple Password

For memory considerations, hosts may be tempted to select an easy password. It is critical to constantly adhere to sound security standards and choose a complex password that cannot be duplicated. You do not want anybody else to have access to the data you provide to Airbnb.

Use a different password for each account.

Your password should be at least eight characters in length and include a combination of numbers, letters, and special characters. Avoid using colloquial phrases or terms.

Store your credentials with a password manager. This way, you may construct unique password combinations without fear of forgetting them the next time you want to log in!

If you established your Airbnb account using Google, Apple, Facebook, or your phone number, you almost certainly do not have a password. To make one, just log out of your account and follow the same steps as described above for resetting a password.

Maintaining the Security of Your Airbnb Account

Apart from setting a strong password, there are a few other measures to safeguard your account and data:

  • Before login in, double-check the URL — it should always be Spelling errors might lead you to a bogus website where your login details can be stolen.
  • Invest in antiviral software — it’s an investment worth making!
  • Update your devices to take advantage of new security features.

What to Do If Your Account Has Been Infringed Upon

If a new device is used to login into your account, Airbnb will demand multi-factor authentication. A security code will be given to your phone or email address, or you will be requested to validate some account information.

Oftentimes, Airbnb will give you an email notice if your account has been accessed by another user. If this is the case, you should go to Review Your Account immediately.


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