How to Keep Your Business Professional When Working Remotely

Charlotte Miller

Updated on:

Whether you are working in a brick and mortar setup or working remotely, it is crucial that you make the right impression on your clients. Being professional in everything you do is essential in your customers perceiving your business positively. If you want to grow your business moving forward, you need to begin by developing trust with your clients, and that begins by putting your best foot forward and remaining professional at all times. 

When you are working remotely, it can be very easy to slip into bad habits. However, just because you don’t have the accountability that you get from being in the same physical location as your colleagues and your clients does not mean that you should allow your standards to drop. In fact, when you are working from home, you will often need to make a little more effort to keep yourself on track with your work goals. Holding yourself to the same high standard as you did when you are in the office will ensure that you will succeed in your job and ensure that you make a positive impression on your customers, which will help you grow your business. 

Let’s take a look at just a few ways that you can retain your professionalism even when you are working remotely. 

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Dress To Impress

When you’re working from home, getting dressed for the workday can often seem unnecessary. Plenty of people roll out of bed and sit down in front of their laptops in their pyjamas or loungewear, ready to begin their workday. However, just because people do this does not mean it is the right approach. Waking up on getting dressed into your regular corporate workwear will help to put you in the right frame of mind for the day ahead. What’s more, when you’re on important video calls with your clients and colleagues, you can be sure that you will look professional and make the right impression. 

Set Up For Success

Remote workers often spend a lot of their time on video conference calls to clients, colleagues, suppliers, vendors and other entities associated with their business. To make sure that you come across as a true professional, it’s important that you set yourself up with the right equipment. Invest in a quality headset with a microphone, make sure that your internet connection is rock solid and upgrade your camera for something a little more advanced. With the right setup, you can be sure that you will come across as more professional than ever on your work calls. 

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Keep Regular Work Hours

If you are working remotely, you will often have the opportunity to set your own work schedule. This can mean taking the days off and working early mornings or late into the evening instead for some people. While this can work well in some industries, in others, it can be a real issue and look very unprofessional. If your clients are used to you being in the office during normal 9-5 hours, you should keep these same hours. Making yourself available when your clients expect you to be available is key to remaining professional, even when you’re working from home. With this approach, your clients will get more timely responses to their communications, which will show them that they can rely and depend on you.

Minimise Distractions

One of the biggest advantages of working remotely is that you can work from anywhere you like. However, as any experienced remote worker will tell you, it’s important that you have a dedicated space with everything you need to be productive, efficient and professional in your role. Taking the time to set up a dedicated space will ensure that you deliver a professional service to your clients. With a dedicated space, you will also be able to minimise distractions that can impact your day-to-day and influence your client’s experience when they are on calls with you. 

For example, having an appropriate background for those important video meetings will make you look more professional, having a dedicated space will make it less likely that your kids or pets will make appearances mid-meeting. There will also be less interruption from distracting background noise that can quickly throw a meeting off-course. 

Take A More Professional Approach When Working Remotely

Working from home comes with many unique challenges, and you must put measures in place to overcome these challenges and put your best foot forward. Remaining professional when you are working from home and not letting your standards drop will help you to make a positive impression on your existing clients and build trust with any new customers you might be taking on. Taking a more professional approach to your remote role will allow you to make a lasting impression on your clients and set you up for success moving forward.