How to invest in cryptocurrency: Exchanges and their Types

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How to invest in cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency industry never stopped its journey after launching the first bitcoin cryptocurrency in 2007. Today there are many cryptocurrencies available in the market along with many digital assets based on blockchain technology.

There are many ways to invest in these crypto tokens and coins. It depends on whether you want to invest in cryptocurrency for saving or want to get rid of the old banking system. 

Never take investing in cryptocurrencies too easy because there are many risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies. You can lose your entire investment in just seconds. So make sure you only invest money that you can afford to lose and are financially sound. So take a deep breath and gauge your risk appetite before investing in the digital world. For further information, you can visit

How to buy cryptocurrency

As mentioned above there are many ways to invest in cryptocurrencies, but you should know how to buy cryptocurrency to invest in it. Here are some of the basic ways to buy cryptocurrency.

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Cryptocurrency  Exchanges

There are more than a thousand crypto assets available in the market. Some of the traditional financial exchanges have started providing crypto services. You will get more choices and functionality when you buy cryptocurrency through crypto-first digital exchanges and wallets.

The availability of exchanges and wallets depends on the origin where you live. But some exchanges provide their services all over the world such as you can invest which is a very reliable place to buy different types of cryptocurrencies. It could be a very safe and mature option for you. 

These exchanges provide certain protection to the investors including cybersecurity breaches, regulatory clarity, and help in safeguarding your assets. They have licensed businesses so you can buy cryptocurrency without any worry and fear of losing your money.

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Types of Crypto Exchanges 

There are two basic types of crypto Exchanges 

  • Centralized Exchange
  • Decentralized Exchange

Centralized exchanges

The exchanges managed by a single authority are called centralized exchanges. They provide more protection to the customer than the other type of exchanges like insurance in case of cyberattacks. They provide more intuitive interfaces and access to the users, especially new crypto investors. 

As shown by name there is a middleman between the asset and its owner. So chances of account freezing by the exchange increased. They have to follow the rule of knowing your customer. So I need to provide complete personal details while opening an account with them. Most of the investors consider them less ideal because they want to preserve their privacy. 

Decentralized exchanges

This type of exchange is not controlled by any individual, authority, company or government. So they did not follow any rules and regulations. Investors who do not want to reveal their privacy prefer to use the exchanges as they align more strongly with the decentralized system of the industry. 

They are also known as DEXes, which allow users peer-to-peer transactions and transfers without any middleman. There are many advantages and disadvantages to them. As your assets are only controlled by you and there is no one to manage your assets. So your assets are at risk because these exchanges are the main target of cyber attackers. They can easily access your account and withdraw your money. And you can do nothing. 

As these exchanges did not collect the data of users so there is not much recourse for the investor who loses money on decentralized exchanges. Most of these exchanges have complex interfaces and make it difficult for new investors to use them with ease. 

Bottom line

With the advancement of technology, the system of investment has also developed. The technology has made an investment in crypto assets very easy and secure. You just need to get some knowledge of exchanges and places where you can buy cryptocurrency. These exchanges provide ease to access and a good interface to buy cryptocurrency. But it also comes with some risks. 

So we can say that investing in crypto is easy and risky. You have to be financially strong to invest in the cryptocurrency market. Do your own research and make sure you are investing in a legit platform because your assets are not insured. You should choose wisely whether you should invest in centralized exchange or decentralized exchange. It depends on you if revealing your private information does not matter too much then centralized exchanges can be a good choice due to security and safety. 

If you do not want to reveal your privacy then you can choose another type of exchange but remember your assets will always be at risk of loss or theft. 


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