How to Install Motorcycle Speakers

Charlotte Miller

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Life of a biker is so enthusiastic and adventurous. Car fanatics are usually huge fans of music but what about bikers? Can they also relish the music they love while riding the bike? The answer is simply “Yes”. 

Just like car riders, bikers can also enjoy their favorite tracks of bombastic music during their rides. Listening to the audio while riding can make it more entertaining as well as audacious.

You can install a complete stereo system in motorcycles with external speakers and can play music as long as the ride lasts. However, the installation of the sound system or the speakers on a motorbike is not that easy if you have not installed them before. There are some technicalities and you must know where to start from?

Installing a great audio system on your motorbike is an interesting option. Here the first challenge is to find out the best and compatible speakers for Harley street glide. As the speakers and sound systems always show your taste towards the music. So being a hardcore biker you must maintain your standard among other bikers in your circle. 

The most important thing is that you are a biker and you are not installing speakers in your car, so you need a high quality speaker which can produce loud and high quality crisp sound in hilly areas or on long peaceful roads during your daring and bold tours.

For any music lover who wants to install speakers on a motorcycle helmet will consider some important and necessary points and then will go ahead with the choice made by him. You will have to follow some steps which will smoothly lead you towards the installation of your speakers on a motorcycle.

Well you are the Boss of your motor bike and want to install speakers. In this article you are going to learn how to install motorbike speakers?

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Step 1 – Choose a suitable and compatible speaker

Not every kind of speaker suits every kind of bike. There are some pairs that are successful. So you have to choose a compatible speaker for your motorcycle. You should have a complete knowledge about your bike and whatever model you are riding and then you must gain all the necessary information about the speakers you are going to install. Are they both matchable? If yes, then go ahead towards the next step.

Step 2 – Decide where to place the speaker

Before you do anything just take a close look toward your bike and think of the best place to install the motorbike speakers. Of course, there must be a suitable position for the placement of the speaker. You must realize first does your bike model has the special mounting place for speakers or not 

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Step 3 – Bolt or strap the speaker on motorcycle

Before buying the speakers you must collect information about the bold stereo systems or the ones having bagged straps. 

Now according to the model of your bike you have to decide which is best suitable for your bike? Is it the one having bolts or the one having a strap? If it is bolt kind, the kit must include all the necessary nuts and bolts for the installation process.

Step 4 – Connect the wires

Now it is the time for the proper installation. But no worries, you have to follow the instructions in the manual properly to install the motorcycle chatterers properly which will perform well and the sound must be up to the mark. 

Run the standard audio power wiring coming from the battery going under the seat of the motorbike straight to the stereo system of the bike. Run the wire under the tank but there is a need to conceal it first. 

So, try to conceal the wire completely. For this, you can use the electrical tape to secure the wiring after every 4-5 inch gap  

Step 5 – Place the speakers on your Bike

In newer models, bikes do have mounting space for the speakers to fix in. But not on every bike. So you need to decide where to place the speakers. It also involves your personal desire wherever you want to place the speakers. You can use simple angled brackets to put the speakers in. 

Here the technical point is that you have to conceal them properly because if they are not properly fixed, they will vibrate with the jerks or hard movements and can also produce distortions which is obviously not acceptable for any biker.

Step 6 – Connect the wires again

Now run the wire again from the stereo system to the speakers. The process is the same as it was while running the wire from battery to the audio system. Try to conceal the wire after every 4-5 inches to secure it to the maximum level.

Step 7 – Test your speakers 

The final but crucial step is testing the speaker’s performance. You are free to make any adjustments to the sound, bass, treble and other options. You can adjust them all according to your own choice and requirements. To listen to the music on your headphones just plug your headset into the stereo system and enjoy the unbeatable music of your choice.


By providing all the detailed information regarding how to install motorcycle speakers, you can now install the speakers on your bike by following the same steps mentioned above.

I anticipate that you are well equipped with the desired knowledge and you are able to install them by yourself. You have no hard and fast rules but still you have to gain proper information about the bike and the speakers and their compatibility. Then following these instructions and easy steps you will be successful for sure.