How to Increase Breast Milk Production

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Breast milk is one of the crucial necessities for infants. Every mother should breastfeed their wards right after the birth. Regular breastfeeding not only provides vital nutrients to the babies but it helps strengthen immunity too. As a breastfeeding mother, you should always provide colostrum (the dense yellowish milk) to your baby.

Always consider your instincts regarding the production of your breast milk. However, if you find that your breast milk production level is low, you can increase it by some simple methods. You can also consider the level low if every breastfeeding session leaves your baby hungry. The lactation support snacks can be helpful for you in this scenario; however, you can follow other ways to improve the amount of breastmilk.

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Boosting Up The Breast Milk Production: Easy Ways

  • Breastfeed more often

Increasing breastfeeding frequency is one of the easiest and effective measures you can take to improve breast milk production. Make your baby suckle your breast more often in a day. This way, you can enhance the ‘Let-Down” reflex. This reflex can act as a messenger for the milk glands in your breasts, and the milk production can improve. And if you happen to produce more breast milk than needed, you can always use a breast pump and freeze dry the extra breast milk through Milkify.

Another advantage of frequent breastfeeding is that your baby would not feel hungry. All you need to do is let him decide the limit for feeding. If you have any issue with the level of breastmilk production, you can feed your baby 10 to 12 times a day.

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  • Feed on both breasts

You should feed your baby from both breasts as it can improve the breast milk production level. As milk production depends on reflexes and hormones, the milk glands and ducts can well activate themselves if you feed your baby from both sides. The lactation support snacks can work in the best way to increase the breast milk production level if you actively feed on both breasts.

  • Consume the lactation support snacks

Nowadays, you can purchase lactation support snacks easily from any online or departmental store. However, there are no confirmed medical reports that the snacks improve breast milk production, but many mothers have got positive results consuming them. Consult your physician and start consuming one such snack to ensure more breast milk production levels.

  • Breast pumping can help

Breast pumping is a well-acclaimed practice among mothers which enhances the breast milk production level. If you want to start on with this practice, purchase a breast pump. Breast pumps are available in different shapes and sizes in the market, and they come in all price ranges.

The convenient time when you can pump your breasts is given below:

    • Practice breast pumping when you are not feeding your baby
    • Pump your breasts if they feel too full after you have fed your baby
    • You can even pump your breasts if you need to accumulate some milk for feeding your baby later
  • Consume food items 

Many food items can improve your breastmilk production. Some of them are fenugreek, fennel, ginger, brewer’s yeast, garlic, etc. Try including these foods in your diet and expect better results.


If you are not addicted to smoking or alcohol or have had breast surgery, breastmilk production should stay normal. In case of abnormality, you should always take the above means to increase production. If you plan to buy lactation support snacks, do not forget to check its brand, ingredients, and price.

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