How To Include Wood Slices In Your Wedding Reception Table Decor

Charlotte Miller

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The steadfast wood slice is an overlooked piece, not often considered in decor. However, they can actually be a wonderful addition to your table decor, and even as part of your wedding reception table decor.

If you don’t know already, a wood slice refers to a round piece of wood that has been cut from a tree trunk or branch. They are available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, and wood types. Some wood slices are left with the bark on, while others are sanded smooth.

Wood slices can be used for both practical and decorative purposes. They evoke a rustic aesthetic, making it a naturally beautiful addition to outdoor and indoor wedding decor.

Read on to see how you can use and style it to enrich your table centrepiece:

  1. Practical Display

Ever practical, the versatile wood slice can be a practical feature atop your wedding reception table.

You can situate it in the centre, and place the guests name cards around the rim to coincide with their seats. Smaller wood slices can also work wonderfully as coasters for glasses.

You might even want to turn it into a lazy susan! A lazy susan is a turntable placed at the centre of the eating space that can rotate to aid in serving food. You might want to put serving condiments atop this for your guests, such as salt and pepper. DIY your wooden slice by purchasing a turntable mechanism. Drill holes into your wood slice to match the holes in the turntable, and put screws into it to secure them. A practical element for your table!

  1. Delicious Fruit Arrangements

Placing fruits atop the wood slice as part of wedding table decor may seem like an unconventional choice. However, this would not look out of place amongst more rustic wedding settings, such as farmhouses, vineyards, or really any outdoor wedding for that matter.

For an even more natural vignette, you may like to collect olive leaves or other aesthetically pleasing branches to interspersed throughout your fruit display.

  1. An Enlightening Scene

Your wood slice can be a source of light in your centrepiece. A few candles spread across the top of the wood slice invokes both practicality and easy, romantic ambiance. For a timeless and understated elegance during the evening, consider using candle holders in white, gold, or silver hues.

  1. Bask In Floral & Plant Beauty

No wedding is complete without flower arrangements! Perhaps you would like to place your floral centrepiece atop wood slices. Your vase of flowers will look wonderful atop a wood slice, regardless of its colour as the natural base will bring about a woodsy aesthetic. Alternatively, real-touch silk plants for your wedding will also complement the rustic and natural look of wood slices.

To ensure even more texture amongst your flower bouquet, you may like to weave preserved flowers as their coloured stems and buds will create a wispy look.


  1. Personal Novelty

The wood slice can serve as a placeholder for a variety of personal decorations at the centre of your table. These will set your decorations apart, whilst adding a flair of personality that will prove to be endearing for the guests to see. Personal decorations can include:

  • Photos of the bride, groom and loved ones
  • Mini chalkboards with sentimental messages or quotes
  • A decorative item that holds nostalgic value to the bride or groom
  • Mini paintings for the artistic ones to create, or done by someone else

Personal decoration ideas are not limited, and will prove to be wonderful to look back at for years to come as memorabilia.

Beautify Your Wood Slice Arrangement Today

If you don’t already have wood slices on your list for wedding decor, then you may want to see how they can become a part of your table arrangement! They are a rustic piece, available in different sizes and styles to accommodate your decor plan. They can fit into your table decor in many ways, and they will only serve to uplift your ensemble!