How to Get Rid of Toxins in the Home

Charlotte Miller

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There are probably toxins in your home right now, even though you don’t see them or feel them. How do you get rid of those toxins and make your home safer and cleaner? We will walk you through a few things you can do around the house to detoxify it and set your mind at ease.

Toxins can get into your home a number of ways, and even if you clean your home regularly and try to keep things sanitary, you may not be getting rid of some of the toxins that are present. Keep reading to find out what you can do to deal with this problem.

Purify the Air

The air is where most of the toxins will be found, though you probably won’t know how toxic your home’s air is without sophisticated and expensive tools that you likely do not have access to. Instead of having your home tested for toxins in the air or worrying about what might be present, you can make an effort to clean up the air.

You can do this a few different ways:

·        Use an air purifier and run it frequently to improve air quality.

·        Air out the house by opening windows and doors when the weather is pleasant.

·        Use proper ventilation in your home to increase the airflow and ensure fresh air circulates throughout the house.

·        Keep your bedroom temperature mild- around 65°F so that you don’t feel too uncomfortable.

·        Get rid of any mold and mildew so they don’t hurt the air quality with their toxic spores.

·        Cover trash receptacles and get rid of trash once it starts to smell badly.

·        Don’t keep the house too hot, as this can dry the air out and make the air feel heavy and your throat feel scratchy.

·        Use air fresheners and essential oil diffusers to improve the smell of the air.

Add Houseplants

Did you know that many plants help to produce high quality air and get rid of toxins? Flowers, houseplants and small trees are all good options for inside your home, if you have the space. They can detoxify the environment for you, doing the work of an air purifier and getting rid of microorganisms that you don’t want around. They help your home smell fresher too, with natural scents so you can save on buying air fresheners.

For great air quality and a detoxifying effect, choose fragrant plants that clean up the air, like aloe vera, chrysanthemum, spider plant, and English ivy, to name a few. These are natural air purifiers.

Switch to Safe Cleaning Products

Sometimes, the toxins in your home are created by the very products you use to clean your home. You may be getting rid of stains and grime in the house but using toxic cleaners that leave behind unhealthy fumes or chemical residues. Consider switching out the harmful and toxic cleaners for something safer and more natural. You can use homemade cleaners like baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice to get rid of grime in your home and clean up spills. Or you can buy products from the store that are ecologically safe, like green cleaning products. Use organic compounds and safe cleaners to do the work so you aren’t leaving unsafe residues on your countertops, floors, and other surfaces.

When you clean your home, be sure that there is plenty of ventilation to let out unpleasant fumes. Open doors and windows and set the fans and AC units to circulate air so that your home smells fresh when you are done. This is especially important when you are using powerful cleaners like bleach or ammonia that can harm you if you use them in confined spaces for very long.

If you hire cleaning services, then choose one that will use safe cleaning products. Any big cleaning co. you use should be able to work with green cleaning solutions, but you might need to ask them first. Don’t assume that all maid services are going to use environmentally friendly cleaning methods just because that is trendy these days. Be careful about which service you go with and check with them ahead of time to ensure they can provide you with cleaning that you feel good about.

Use Glass Containers When Possible

Did you know that plastic containers and bottles contain harmful chemicals that can get into your home and create harmful effects? BPA is a chemical component found in many plastics that seeps out of the plastic container and affects your environment. It can penetrate your skin and cause health problems, hurting you deep in your cells. The effects might not be noticeable for a long time, but you can be sure that they will show up over time.

You can get ahead of this issue and prevent it from happening by getting rid of plastics in your home and replacing them with glass. Look for bottles, containers, and storage items that are made from plastic and change them over to glass or some natural substance that doesn’t have BPA seeping out of it.

Keep a Dust Free Home

Dust in your home can be dangerous as well. Of course, dust can get into your respiratory system and cause insomnia, coughing, sneezing, and other health problems. On top of that, some of the dust can actually be toxic. That would be dust from electronics, which may contain particles of PBDEs, or polybrominated diphenyl ethers. These are toxic substances which prevent your electronics from catching fire very easily, and they are dangerous to you when inhaled. You usually would not have an opportunity to inhale these compounds when coming into casual contact with your electronics, but when those substances form into dust, they can get into the air and into your lungs

If you dust your home often and use dusting methods that wipe away the particles rather than force them up into the air, you will be a lot safer.

These are a few ways you can prevent toxins from settling in your home and causing health problems, and we hope this article has been helpful to you.