How To Get New Business For Tradies

Charlotte Miller

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You may be the best tradie in business in Australia. You may have skills that are in demand across the country. You may outperform your competitors by a mile. And yet your business may be in trouble if your customers don’t know any of this about you. The secret to success lies in getting regular clients. To do that, you need to ensure that the marketplace knows about you and why your business is the right one to hire. Here is what you can do to ensure a steady stream of projects keeps flowing into your tradie firm.

Be visible online

No, it is not enough for you to have a nicely designed website. While this is the foundation of an effective online presence, you also need to make sure your website and thus your business is easily discoverable online. Get your virtual pages optimised for search engines so that when someone enters a term related to your niche, your brand pops up on the first page. Make sure that you focus enough on being easy to search for those in your area. These are the people who are most likely going to walk in or call you to talk about a project. Make sure you are listed on business pages too.

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Be proactive

Say you have done a maintenance job for a client, maybe cleaning out his pool or servicing his roof. Take the initiative to call and remind him when it is time for a revisit. This way, your client is happy that he doesn’t have to remember when routine maintenance is needed. You are happy because you bag the project before anyone else can.

In the bargain, you also build a relationship with the client. He will most likely call you in when he has other jobs of the same kind. In the same way, before the winter sets in, you can call old clients and new prospects and offer a discounted servicing of their heating systems. If you know that some have moved into the neighbourhood recently, you can offer maintenance or repair services for the new home. Don’t wait for the jobs to find you; you go find the jobs.

Ensure your business is protected

The purpose of a public liability tradie insurance plan is to cover your business against financial risk in the event of lawsuits arising from third parties. This plan takes take of your court fees, attorney fees, litigation charges and also damages, if any, when you battle out a lawsuit in court. With your financial risk covered by this, you can prove your innocence in court and re-establish your brand reputation that may be damaged by such claims.

The public liability insurance kicks in when you face claims from third parties (or clients) for damage/ loss to their property arising from your business, you or your staff. Such claims may also be made if someone believes they sustained a personal injury because of you or your staff. Remember that the claim need not be true at all. But the only way you can prove it is by taking on an expensive legal battle, which can drain your business of its finances unless you have the right coverage.

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Encourage your clients to talk about you

The best credentials a business can have is great reviews by people who have used the services. When a potential customer looks for a business, feedback is one of the primary things he uses to decide whom to approach. Use your happy customers to build your feedback and draw in new projects. Offer a discount on their next project if they fill in feedback forms or give reviews about you. Appreciate honest reviews and respond immediately even if someone leaves a negative review. That tells future clients that you are serious about customer satisfaction and is willing to go the extra mile to keep them happy with your work. This approach to business is very appealing to new clients.

Offer annual membership services

This ensures that you have locked in the project with the client well in advance. Make up different plans that you can offer to clients for regular maintenance, repairs, renovations, and so on at prices that are attractive to them. Push your clients to sign up for the plan so that you do not lose them or their projects to competitors. Annual memberships also ensure that your clients come to you for the cost benefits your package offers. This is a mutually beneficial business promotion plan that you can implement with great success.

Enhance your reliability factor

In the tradesman niche, the client’s biggest worry is reliability. They need to know that you are covered properly by tradie insurance for all manner of contingencies so that you do not leave them in the lurch abruptly. Apart from general insurance, worker’s compensation and other kinds of insurance for your business, do not overlook public liability insurance. This insurance gives your current and future clients the assurance that your business is safe from financial ruin in the event of lawsuits filed by third parties.


Being visible in the marketplace is key to ensuring that you have a steady stream of projects flowing in. Maintain great relations with past clients and encourage them to refer you to their friends. Also, give potential clients the assurance that your business is risk covered by taking out public liability insurance along with other types of insurance for tradies.