How to Get Better at Apex Legends: 5 Easy Tips & Tricks

Charlotte Miller

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Apex Legends nowadays is one of the most popular battle royale games, and if you’re keen on giving it a shot, here are some pointers. This collection of top tips and tricks is for newcomers, whether they’re playing for the first time or the hundredth. Also, know about Apex Legends hacks and cheats.

5 Easy Apex Legends Tips and Tricks

  • The ability to Know Your Enemy is vital 

Their silhouettes and run animations are all very distinct, so after a while, you’ll be able to determine which legend is whose from a distance. After that, you’ll need to know their capabilities and what you should expect them to do and employ during a conflict. These crucial pieces of information will keep you safe in a fight.

  • Where to Land and How to Land

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Because of the stress involved in selecting a decent landing place, almost no one enjoys being the jumpmaster in Apex Legends. There’s no need to be anxious when you know how to land quickly and where to go. Controlling your speed in the top left corner while dropping is essential for quickly landing wherever. To accelerate, point in the direction you wish to go and look down now and then.

In Apex Legends, it is recommended to use one of two landing tactics. When you’re a newbie, you can land on hot drops for immediate action or play it safe. If you keep landing on hot drops, you’ll probably die and get frustrated. However, it thrusts you into the action and allows you to practice your combat skills. Another option is to wait a few moments on the dropship before leaping and then choose a further away location from the drop path.

The second method allows your squad more time to scavenge and eliminates the need to battle players right away. Don’t be shocked if a squad spots your trail and decides to pursue you. If you’d rather not be the jumpmaster at all, see our advice on how to avoid being the jumpmaster.

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  • How to Rejuvenate Colleagues

In Apex Legends, after a player dies, they are knocked out for a short period and can be picked up by interacting with them. Their banner can be retrieved from their death box once they have died entirely. With his drone, the Crypto character may also grab flags. Regardless, you can take this banner to any green-dot-marked revive beacon on the map. The player will respawn via a drop ship at the beacon after a brief interaction period.

You can also resurrect teammates anywhere on the map with the mobile respawn beacon item. This wasn’t included in the first release of Apex Legends but was later added. Remember that respawn ships are still quite loud and will alert people to your location.

  • Take the Benefits of Doors

Buildings can easily become your closest buddy if you know how to control doors. When you close a door, you can physically block it such that no one can open it. They can, however, break it with two kicks or explosives such as a thermite grenade or an arc star. As long as an attacker isn’t already breaking in, blocking doors with your body is a wonderful way to heal oneself. One of the most typical mistakes players make when it comes to doors is attempting to break them using the kick option.

Before you can shoot again after breaking through a door with kicks, the animation is quite long. This makes it very easy to kill a player who tries to break through your door before they can hit you. Crouching before shooting them is another strategy to throw them off when they’re breaking through.

  • Beginner’s Guide To Apex Legends Guns

Because there are so many powerful weapons, everyone has their favorite firearms and meta. However, if you’re just getting started, these are some guns to consider. The Spitfire, Mastiff, Longbow, and R-301 are among my favorites. Despite its modest fire rate, the Spitfire’s enormous ammo capacity makes it ideal for players still honing their aim in Apex. The Mastiff is a capable shotgun even with the latest season 9 nerf.

Anyone can use the Longbow as a sniper, especially with a quickfire rate. Making your initial shot count is always a good idea, but everything after that is a fair-minded game for spamming shots. In addition, the Skull Piercer attachment increases the damage dealt by the Longbow on headshots.


Finally, we’ve covered all of our best ideas for improving your Apex Legends skills. Please note these suggestions and consider them the next time you play.