How to get a job in Dubai?

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How to get a job in Dubai?

How to find a job in Dubai? What jobs are there in the UAE? What are the current salaries in Dubai? What time and when is the best time to start looking for a job? How to look for a job? Should I go to Dubai to look for a job or should I look for a job in my own country?

These are just some of the questions that people who have decided to move to Dubai ask.  

It is in this article reveals all the cards in absolutely clear language. Let’s go!

Where is the best place to look for work: from the country where I live or do I have to come to Dubai?

It all depends on the amount of money you have. If you have $3,000-4,000 that you can spend for a month of living in Dubai on a tourist visa, then of course it’s better to come to Dubai and look locally. If you do not have that amount of money, it is quite possible to find work remotely from your hometown. The most important thing is to do everything wisely and correctly.

Recognize the fact that those professionals who are currently in Dubai, they are much easier to find a job, as they at any time can come up for a live interview. This is certainly a plus. 

That’s why you need to do some preliminary preparation for your job search in Dubai: make a professional resume and video resume, learn how to write motivational letters to employers, know how to answer employers’ questions and what questions you can ask at a job interview. 

Usually, the employer transports employees entirely at his own expense, i.e. pays for the work visa, tickets, in some cases provides accommodation, and a little less often – meals. It is beneficial for the employer to transport employees who do not yet have work experience in the UAE, as they do not know the situation in the salary market, and are therefore willing to work for less money than those who have already lived in Dubai for some time.

If I do want to come to Dubai on my own and look for a job while I’m in Dubai, how much money should I take with me at first?

If you are planning an independent move, then count on the amount of 3,000-4,000 dollars a month. For this amount you will be able to rent a small room and afford quite a normal meal. However, we still recommend looking for work remotely, as in this case, you can come to Dubai for free – all the costs of your move will be covered by the employer. Again, another thing to consider is psychological comfort. It is much more pleasant to move to some certainty, rather than going nowhere.

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What is the best time of year to look for a job in Dubai?

The best time to look for a job is September. It is in September, particularly from the second half of the month, when all employers return from long vacations (many leave the UAE in the sweltering summer heat and prefer to spend this time in other countries) and all decisions are made much faster. In addition, September to May is the peak season for full-time work, a time of full business activity.

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Can I get a job in Dubai if I don’t speak English?

You can. You have to understand one simple thing: the higher the position you are applying for, the better your English should be. Let’s imagine that you are working in your country in a top managerial position, have achieved a lot and already have a certain status in the business sphere. Now you realize that at some points you are not satisfied and you would like to change location. If you also want to work in Dubai in the position of top manager, the level of English must be very good, because most likely you will have to work in an international team, and you somehow need to communicate with subordinates.

If your English is low, then be aware that you can only count on low-paying positions such as waiter, hostess, receptionist. Again, you are going to move to Dubai, but it won’t happen tomorrow. You have 2-3-4 months to spare, which you can spend on conscious work to improve your English skills.

Now with a large number of different online courses, you do not even need to go anywhere. Take 30-60 minutes every day to study English, and in 2-3 months you will have a completely different English. 

Can I find a job?

This is a very interesting and original question. Here it all depends on yourself. If you have a serious intention to find a job and move, then you will do it and work with a good salary in Dubai.

If you doubt yourself and look for all sorts of reasons not to do it, then you will never do it.

How do I look for a job in the UAE?

Searching for a job abroad usually consists of the following steps: 

  1. Researching the job market 
  2. Resume and LinkedIn
  3. Cover letter 
  4. Applying and networking 
  5. Interviews and test assignments 
  6. Discussing the offer
  7. Visa application. 
  8. Relocation 

We suggest you start by researching job sites. It is important to decide on the direction, desired salary, type of companies and vacancies. And the Emirates can be considered as a final destination, as well as an intermediate! That is, just to gain experience and move to Europe.

Then work hard on your resume. This is your most important document, along with a cover letter. Prepare several versions that are slightly different for the different types of jobs in your selection. Use keywords – those skills and requirements that employers list in the text. 

The use of a cover letter depends on the type of company you are applying to. For most ‘office’ positions, especially in the offices of international companies, you will find it very useful.

Build the cover letter around the company and the position, not around you. Don’t get too deep into describing what the ideal position is for you, but rather justify how you will help with the two or three important tasks of the role.

Time your job search and application! Don’t limit yourself to one site; set yourself up with notifications from different resources. But it’s better to focus on quality than quantity: if you only have half an hour a day to search for jobs in the Arab Emirates, it’s better to tailor your resume and cover letter well for two jobs than to send the same resume to twenty. 

Prepare carefully for all types of interviews – both initial calls with recruiters, as well as test assignments and competency-based questions. 

A couple of examples of these questions: 

1. When you’re being selected for a job as a programmer, in addition to the practical assignment, you might be asked, “Tell me about a situation where you had to urgently fix a colleague’s bug.” 

2. If applying for a job as an engineer and planning to grow into a managerial role, they may say, “Give an example of an interaction with another department when you had to make an important decision. 

Prepare a few short stories where you explain the situation and your task in one sentence, then your actions and the end result. 

If you need more information about resumes, LinkedIn, online networking, interviews and other stages of the selection process, read our articles. They’re completely free and will give you hundreds of helpful tips!

Popular industries where you can find a job without problems: Oil and gas and tourism.

Popular occupations: IT specialists, doctors, teachers, engineers, sales managers with experience, financiers.

Languages: English is a must, Arabic is not required for work.

Visas: issued for a period of 2-3 years without minimum wage requirements. 

Requirements for relocation: medical certificate, sometimes a certificate of education, confirmed by the UAE consulate. 

Taxes: there is no income tax, the employee receives a full salary. 

We wish you success in your endeavors!