How to Find People by Only an Address?

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How to Find People by Only an Address?

If you’re trying to reconnect with someone, there are several ways you can do it online. You might be looking to find a long time classmate, a friend you’ve lost touch with, or even locate a potential partner for a business deal. Whatever your reason, the internet has more than enough resources to help you with your search. For your need of finding people online, FastPeopleFinder can help you with by people’s name, address and phone number.

Interestingly, with just a house or corporate address, you can find comprehensive details about anyone you need to get in touch with. This process is called a reverse address lookup. Before now, having an address usually meant you had to travel down to the location to know who lives there. But now, with several lookup tools and social media, you can find your target person by simply inputting their address into a search bar. 

When you perform a reverse address lookup, the information you can possibly get is enormous. Most tools help you discover the name of the person living in a house, neighbors, the homeowner’s phone number, current or other addresses and even the value of the property. So, tracking the address where a parcel came from, or trying to figure out where an old friend now lives just got easier. 

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How Does a Reverse Address Lookup Work?

A reverse address lookup is a simple process that allows you to discover information about a property just by using its address. This can be useful if you have an address but don’t know who lives there or what the property is used for. 

Over time, the procedure for conducting a reverse address search has grown simpler. Firstly, you need to determine which method you want to use to conduct the lookup. While some of the possible options include social media and search engines, most people prefer to go with designated address lookup websites. 

Afterwards, get the address and enter into the search menu of the reverse address lookup tool you’re using. You should get comprehensive information about the building, its owners, their biodata and possibly some contact information. 

More specifically, here is a list of details you may potentially get from using any reverse address lookup option. 

  • The owner’s name
  • Phone Number
  • Email address
  • Current and Past Addresses
  • Value of the Property
  • Former occupants of the address
  • Property tax information
  • Zoning information

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Benefits of Reverse Address Search

How to Find People by Only an Address?

One of the reasons why reverse address lookup tools are underutilized is that most people do not know what they stand to gain when they use the feature. Below are a few of the most exciting benefits that you can enjoy when you use a reverse address search. 

Access to Comprehensive Information about People

Are you curious about who now stays in an address or just want to find out if your friend has moved house? You can use a reverse address search to do that. This process helps facilitate your access to information if you need to contact someone residing or conducting business in an address. In fact, you get a truckload of information that keeps you informed. 

Details About Property

Not everyone uses a reverse address lookup to fund or reconnect with people. Others simply need information about the property. For instance, real estate agents may use reverse address search tools to discover the cost of a property, if it is occupied or for sale. Not all lookup tools offer this feature. However, top websites like FastPeopleFinder are known to include this information in their database. 

Background Checks

Say you’re moving to a new home and have no prior information about its history, a reverse address lookup is all you need. You can conduct a background check on the address to know its former occupants and possibly determine what they used the building for. 

Besides, another benefit of a reverse address search is that it gives you insight into individuals. If you have an address, you can find the name and information of the owner and consequently make newer checks into their financial, criminal or social records. This helps you prevent risks before entering into personal or official relationships with others. 

What Tools Can I Use to Perform a Reverse Address Lookup?

With such advanced internet facilities we have in this age, a reverse address lookup is one of the easiest things anyone can do. You do not even need any technical knowledge to be able to perform an address search online or offline. That’s because there are a lot of tools that allow you to conduct this process quite seamlessly. 

Here are some reverse address lookup tools you may want to try out. 

Social Media

Using social media to perform a reverse address lookup can be a useful way to find information about a person or property. However, it only helps if you know the name of the person. You can start by searching for the person’s name on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This can help you find the person’s profile and see if they have any information about their address listed on their profile. You may also search for hashtags or location tags that might be related to the person or property you’re looking for. 

Public Records

One of the best ways to perform a reverse address lookup that has been available for years is using public records. Whether through online city directories or visiting the local sheriff, you can search for an address in the records and use it to narrow down on your target person. It’s important to be careful using this tool because not all of them are updated and they may be better suited to tracing ancestral homes. 

Dedicated Reverse Address Lookup Websites

As the name suggests, these websites specialize in providing information about the occupant of an address or details about the property. They are also the easiest ways to perform a lookup among all other options listed here. Reverse address lookup websites take their information from blogs, directories, social media and other online sources to create a database. 

One of the most reputable address lookup tools is FastPeopleFinder. This website compiles publicly available information across the internet and in turn provides free access to names, contact information and property value when you need them. All you need to do is enter the address and await the pool of information that exists about that location. 

Other Ways to Find Someone Without An Address

If you want to get details about someone but you don’t have an address, all hope is not lost. There are more than a dozen other ways to go about it. Find out some convenient alternatives to lookup address tools below. 

  • Name People Search: Tools like FastPeopleFinder also allow you directly search for a person’s name and discover up to date information, including their address. 
  • Reverse Phone Number Search: You can also conduct a lookup with a person’s number Entering the phone number reveals your target person’s names and other contact details.
  • Reverse Email Address: If what you have is an email address, you can also input it in a search and have details about the owner spring up. 


Reverse address lookups are fast, easy and also legally permitted in most jurisdictions. With this process, you can discover loved ones, reconnect with old folks and even kick start new business deals. Using tools like FastPeopleFinder also ensures that your results and accurate and you get just what you need.