How to Find an Ideal Video Creator for Your Business

Charlotte Miller

Updated on:

A lot of people struggle with creating promotional videos for their business. They believe that this is a complicated process that requires a lot of work. However, the reality is that creating videos is simple, provided you follow the formula for a successful video. You may seek the help of professional editors or try using an online video creator. If you’re unsure of what an online video creator or what it looks like, click here for an example.

There is no single way to create a video, there is no standard. You are still in control of what you want your final product to become. Even so, there are still recommendations that have proven to be effective. Some of these suggestions may include keeping it short and simple, choosing the right music and photos. But now that you know all this, what tool will help you make your life easier?

Here are a few pointers on what you should look out for when choosing a video creator:

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Simplicity and Ease of Access

When you’re just starting out, the last thing you want out of a video creator is complicated features and too many drop-downs. It can become overwhelming if you have multiple buttons that offer almost the same function. Experienced editors will choose traditional editing software because they can tweak almost every aspect of their video or photo. The same can’t be said for someone who has little to no experience in editing.

Be sure to choose an online editor that allows you to quickly move from one tool to the next. The user interface is key if you want to be efficient while working. No complicated drop-downs and hundreds of buttons that you have no clue of its purpose. If you want to save time out of your day then this is also something you should look out for. The ease of access also means you will be producing videos fairly quickly versus when you use traditional editing software.

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Extensive Media Library 

Music plays an important role in videos. If you think it seems like a small factor that does not affect the entire video whatsoever, then you’d be mistaken. It brings the whole video to life and can create emotion for the viewers. When paired with the right video, you can make the audience feel a certain way and in turn convert them into customers or returning viewers. Music also has been scientifically proven to have a powerful effect on the brain.  As a result, most promotional videos choose to have music that aligns with their videos.

The same is also true for images and clips. All these small variables when put together can create a significant impact on whoever is watching. That is why it is smart to choose an online video creator with an extensive media library. Most of them already have millions of stock audio and images, and it’s up to you to choose which one suits your project. Be sure to utilize this feature and browse through thousands of available media to find the right one.

Exports in HD Quality

Nowadays, videos are almost always uploaded in the highest quality possible. One thing to note is that the fast internet is becoming more and more accessible for millions of people. What does this mean? In a nutshell, people will have no problem loading videos that are high quality. They are so accustomed to seeing videos of this quality that seeing videos in low quality might put them off. There is absolutely no reason for you to upload in average quality unless you are doing it on purpose. For that exact reason, you should find a video creator that allows you to do just that. Luckily most online creators allow you to export in the highest quality possible.

Different Templates

Another factor you should look out for when choosing is the availability of templates. Your best bet would be to find one that has templates for different types of videos. Some allow you to choose which social media site you will be uploading your video to. Take advantage of this feature as it crops and resizes your videos for you as well as provides sample clips and audio. This makes your video perfect for whatever platform you choose to upload in.

Free Trial

Lastly, try to find one that has a free trial. This is just for your peace of mind just in case you are not ready to spend money on something you have no idea how to use. While some video editors are free to use, the good ones usually have a fee. But if you will be using it all the time it can prove to be a solid investment.