How to Earn More RuneScape Gold

Charlotte Miller

RuneScape is a very classic MMORPG, but people still play it today. If you are not aware, there are two versions of RuneScape, both are Old School RuneScape and RuneScape 3. The Old School brings everything the classic has to offer, particularly the long grind. Meanwhile, RuneScape 3 introduces modern gameplay, including automation and microtransactions. In each case, RuneScape gold is still needed for you to progress more easily in the game.

The Classic Way

Increasing your skill is the first step towards earning more RuneScape Gold. You can improve your skills by practicing them more frequently, such as wood cutting, mining, and fishing. If you want to increase your profits, you need to consider using high-level skills like Runecrafting. You can level up any skill you want, but you better stick with the META, such as wood cutting, until you reach level 70 or 90.

Another option to do it is by trading. You can do this in two ways. The first is to use the Grand Exchange system, which allows you to buy an item at a lower price and then sell it for a higher price. This strategy requires a deep understanding of the game economy and what items are deemed valuable as investments. The second way is to trade with other players by buying in bulk for crafting, smithing, or reselling.

If you prefer grinding for life, you should definitely try combat. Just like in other MMORPG games, defeating monsters will earn you some rewards. Depending on the monster level, rarity, and of course your luck, you can earn monster drops which you can sell to other players. A rare item will cost more than an ordinary item, and you will receive one of which every time you defeat a monster. If you want to be sure you get gold, you can buy RuneScape gold instead. This is a shortcut to playing the game with fun.

The New Way

You can earn gold by having a transaction with other players in both the classic and new RuneScape. However, in the new RuneScape, you can level up and improve your skills by purchasing treasure hunter keys, which grant you a bunch of experience points. As a result, you can quickly gain more high-level skills and obtain RuneScape gold more easily. With automation, you can easily gain more experience points and faster gold in RuneScape 3.

Another way to earn more gold in this game is to buy directly from a trusted website. Some people prefer this method because it offers the best value for money. However, in order to obtain the gold this way, you need to spend real money rather than trading items. What you need to do is simply head to a website to buy RuneScape gold and select the amount of gold you want to buy. The meeting will be set up, and you will receive the gold as promised.

Even if you play Ironman mode, you will need the gold to progress. If you play casually, it is highly recommended that you obtain the gold at the beginning of the game so that you don’t have to grind to enjoy it.