How to design your house and interior in 3D with Foyr

Charlotte Miller

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Want to fit out your future home or rearrange your interior? Discover all the features of Foyr to get the most out of your project.

Difficult to rearrange your interior without planning or designing your project … If you are planning to remodel your home or to design and decorate your future home, a plan can help you bring your ideas to life and inform your decisions. The plans give you a global view of your property and present the interior decoration, exterior elements, measurements, and other technical information to help you manage your project. Discover all the features that Foyr offers and create the best possible plan for your project!

Create a plan

Want to rearrange your interior or design a brand new home? Consider using online floor plan software like Foyr to create your dream home and visualize it in 3D.

Our software is so easy to use that even beginners can create a plan quickly – no specific knowledge is needed! Test several layouts and styles of decoration by choosing from our catalog of products, and decorate your interior as you wish. If you are short on time, our design department can model your plan from a simple sketch. Find out how Foyr can help you create your plan today.

2D plan

2D plans are the starting point for interior design projects. A true sketch of your property, allows you to lay the foundations for your project. 2D plans provide an overview of your property and show the interior and exterior spaces. They include important information, such as measurements and part names that are useful to have available during your meetings with contractors and manufacturers. Plan and manage your project from A to Z thanks to a 2D plane. Get started by following our step-by-step guide to help you create your 2D plan.

3D plan

It has never been easier to create your own detailed 3D modeling plan in your spare time! Forget the architects, Foyr online software allows you to create and furnish your 3D modeling software plan in a weekend.

Choose from an array of branded products and generic items to furnish and decorate your interior to your liking. Visit your home virtually and observe it from all angles to rearrange and redecorate your space as you see fit. Find out how to create your 3D floor plan and decorate your 3D floor plan to make sure you make the right furniture choices.

HD images

Showcase your unique creation by generating HD images of your project that you can print or share online. Foyr’s advanced 3D rendering technology allows you to create lifelike HD images of yourproject that show what your future home will look like. We show you how to create an HD image to present your interior design project in the best possible way.

360° images

Create and share panoramic images of your favorite rooms to allow your friends and project associates to view your new space interactively. Visualize every nook and cranny of your interior by zooming and rotating on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. To achieve them, nothing could be simpler: follow these few steps to create your images…

Real-time plan

Explore every nook and cranny of your new space with real-time maps from Foyr, an interactive view mode that lets you virtually visit your map. Switch to first-person view and move your avatar around your home to instantly observe your interior thanks to our advanced 3D graphics. Stroll through your future interior in order to better protect yourself and if you do not like certain things, no problem, you can modify and remove decorative elements as you wish.

Augmented reality

Furnish your home in augmented reality! Forget the stress and uncertainties: visualize your favorite furniture in your room before you buy it. Our augmented reality app lets you choose your products from the Foyr catalog on your iPhone or iPad, then scan your room and preview the chosen piece of furniture in real size right at home. Take a photo in the app and share it with your friends for their opinion! Find out how augmented reality can help you design your home.

Virtual reality

Take it to the next level by using virtual reality to create and furnish your plan. Put on a virtual reality headset to project yourself into your interior and visualize your project from all angles. Decorate your home by inserting products from our catalog in full size, while being inside your room. Find out how to use virtual reality to design and visit your Foyr project with a truly interactive experience.

Whatever decorating style you choose, you are bound to find ideas for your project on our Inspiration page. Visit industrial-style lofts, country-style kitchens, minimalist Scandinavian-inspired living rooms, colorful bohemian bedrooms, and contemporary, sleek bathrooms to tap into new ideas.

Are you an interior design professional looking for a 3D tool to satisfy your customers? Our new Foyr Pro site will meet all your needs!