How to Decorate Your Home Like a Turkish Palace

Charlotte Miller

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There’s no doubt about it, the Turkish people are known for their luxurious architecture and interior design. From the Hagia Sophia to the notorious “blue” Mosque and Grand Bazaar, Turkey is a place of exuberant style.

If you want to recreate this in your own home, you need to adopt a certain amount of boldness as they do. Here’s how to pull off decorating your home like a Turkish palace:

  1. It’s All in the Lighting

If you ever walk the streets of a small village in Turkey, you’ll see hundreds of hanging lanterns with ornate mosaic glass work. 

To successfully turn your home into a Turkish palace, you need to have plenty of these hanging around your home.

You can have them as sconces in your hallway, big ornate ones on your patio, and a chandelier replica over your bed.

As you light your home with colorful panes of glass, you’ll be reminded of those beautiful quiet streets. 

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  1. What’s Underfoot

One of the most essential pieces of any home is the choice of rugs. This is even more true of a home that wants to emulate Turkish glam.

Top-quality rugs that would fit into this decor, such as those from Lawrence of LaBrea, give the home comfort, style, and luxury.

The traditional Turkish rugs were greatly inspired by the Persians, so you can imagine the delicate design and use of color. 

These rugs come in a variety of thicknesses but most are made of a soft material that feels fantastic on bare feet.

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  1. Metallic Finish

Coppersmithing is a trade known to the Turks. This culture has created beautiful pots, bowls, and pitchers from copper for centuries. 

Although this type of pot is harder to maintain than the cheaper materials so popular today, nothing can replace the beauty of copper.

To truly get the feel of this part of the world in your own home, you must embrace this tradition and display copper where you can.

Large ornate plates and beautifully carved bowls are great for entryway tables, dining room centerpieces, and random bits to admire. 

  1. Mosaics and Tile

Perhaps the most iconic statement of the Turkish decor is the ceramic work. The original Turkish tiles are hand painted with their signature blue color but you can use tiles of many colors and get the same effect.

You can apply these tiles to your bathroom, kitchen, or just use them to create an accent wall. You can even use these tiles on your landscaping outdoors.

Another popular way to use tiles that have broken is to create handmade mosaics. These pieces of tile are glued and grouted into an exquisite piece of art that is either framing a mirror, decorating a platter, or just a part of the flooring.

This art can be as simple as putting similar colors in a pleasing manner or as ornate as creating a portrait. 

Mosaics are so far rooted in Turkish history that a 2,000 year old mosaic floor was uncovered by an archaeologist in southern Turkey.

Whether you choose to purchase a mosaic frame or get into creating your own mosaic work of art, tiles and mosaics are a must to pull off a Turkish palace decor. 

  1. Textures and Tapestry

In many Turkish homes, the crowning jewels are their tapestries and plush furniture. Just check out the opulence of the furniture and walls in this beautiful Istanbul home. 

It may take some time to find the right pieces, but a Turkish palace home certainly isn’t something you just throw together. You must curate the specific pieces that make the decor.

When looking at textures you want to find soft and luxurious fabrics like velvet and chenille. Plush, pillowy chairs and lounging sofas are what belong in a palace. 

Many of these can’t be found in your typical furniture store. You’ll have to look through estate sales, auctions, and antiques.

Tapestries are yet another way to decorate your walls for a Turkish palace home. These tapestries can be as old as Constantinople or very modern. 

There is much artwork and laboring involved in the creation of these tapestries.

They range from having deep, bold colors, to soft and subdued. They can depict war scenes or love scenes. 

Most tapestries can find their place among an old-world style such as this. It’s up to you to find their home on your walls. 


It’s a brave thing to attempt, but when done right, a Turkish palace home is a sight to behold. The atmosphere is that of wonder and elitism. 

Living in a home such as this will make you feel like royalty even while doing things as simple as drinking your morning coffee or taking your evening bath. 

Even the most routine happenings will become extraordinary.