How to Create SEO Reports that Impress your Clients

Charlotte Miller

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Many SEO experts know all the ins and outs of the trade. This includes knowing how to monitor search engine rankings and understanding the importance of SEO optimization and content creation.

But here is the thing. Succeeding as one of the SEO agencies is not all about knowing what SEO is. Rather it is about handling client relationships, which is an important part of knowing the best ways of creating and preparing reports.

What SEO Reporting Is

With a lot to deal with and so much in the trade, it is a known fact that customers want to see good results. Investing in digital marketing strategies continues soaring, and experts predict that SEO spending globally will be more than $ 100 billion by the end of 2022.

That is where SEO (search engine optimization) reporting comes in. If done properly, it will enable you to prove to customers that every investment brings in rewards.

Simply put, it is the means of demonstrating the effects of SEO efforts. The key goal is to ensure that the report of every SEO client addresses their needs precisely.

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Characteristics of an Excellent Report

Every client wants to see the proof of progress – meaning it is easier to have automated reports with all the key performance indicators sent on the basis of schedule and not manually.

Especially, white-label SEO reports may allow you to see the outcome of the results and even run successful campaigns. So when creating an SEO report for your clients, ensure it has the following:

  • Flexibility
  • Scheduling
  • Customization and simple design

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Creating SEO Reports for Clients

As far as creating a powerful SEO report for clients is concerned, it is difficult to find a perfect balance between the details you should include and the content your clients need to see.

Essentially, it is about showing your clients that your business is making a good process. In order to successfully do this, you may need to know the way success looks like for every company you work with.

No matter your business’s specific goals, there are several golden rules and strategies you might put at the back of your mind, especially when you want to create an impressive SEO report. Some of the strategies that most experts suggest include:

  • Gather the Data

One of the first steps of creating an SEO report is to gather the data to include and carry out an on-page audit. In order to carry out this audit effectively, you will have to use certain tools, such as Screaming Frog SEO Spider. It would be free to use the tool for websites with not more than 500 pages.

After installing it, you will just need to enter your client’s site and let the tool analyze different pages against different on-page SEO variables. From here, you may flick through various tabs so as to have a closer look at the elements of the on-page, which should get optimized.

  • Consider Your Objectives

It is important to know what goals your clients have in mind. Consider sitting down with marketing specialists or business owners and asking what they want in marketing strategies and SEO campaigns.

Talk to them about their current goals, determine how they are in line with their objectives, and make an analysis. Be sure to as well outline those goals clearly with your clients.

  • Use the Right and Clear Language

When communicating about your metrics, it would be vital that you send them an SEO report which is simple to understand.

Your clients might not want to spend more time reviewing their advertising results. So they must have the gist.

An effective performance report can communicate everything your customers require to know in a single document without searching online for new concepts or terms.

Among the effective ways to achieve this is to provide concise commentary along with every metric. This can mean offering a quick explanation or definition of what metrics mean for certain conditions. You need to as well ensure you illustrate how those metrics impact their businesses as a whole.

  • Document Observations

This is an important part of SEO reports. Here, you may place tangible and real data to show to all your clients.

Similar to the way you outlined steps you will take to help your clients achieve their SEO goals, do the same to record your observations by collecting the data you track using a digital marketing tool, like:

  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • SEO Analyzer

In a Nutshell!

SEO reporting is mandatory. But creating it doesn’t have to be so devastating and time-consuming. With the right strategies, you can create SEO reports which can impress all your clients.

Basically, an impressive SEO report will not just give you an overview of helping your customers see their progress towards all their goals. It will also position you as an expert to get your clients there.