How To Create An Amazon Storefront In 2021?

Charlotte Miller

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How To Create An Amazon Storefront In 2021

Amazon storefront is one of Amazon’s best features for helping businesses create a landing page within the application. This forms a central hub where regular updates are provided by the company be it about a new offer or a new product. Amazon consulting services provide help to companies for setting up their Amazon storefront but if there are people willing to do that on their own this article is for them. 

In 2021 there has been a significant rise in the number of startups and all these brands have enjoyed immense growth using Amazon seller storefront. It helps in maintaining communication with the target customers and also in acquiring new customers by spreading awareness. 

In this article, we will be looking at the steps that a business owner should take to create their own Amazon storefront. 

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Steps to create your Amazon Storefront:

There are multiple steps that one should follow to establish their Amazon storefront properly. It does not require a lot of technical knowledge and can be done by simply following these steps, 

  1. First, click the “Stores” button and then select “Manage Stores”. This will take you to a page with the option of “Create Store”. Clicking this will mark the start of your storefront design journey. 
  2. You now have to mention your brand name and attach the brand logo file. 
  3. Then it is time to make the home page or the main landing page which every potential customer will see. Amazon provides several templates that allow you to control what your store front will look like. You can start with your company’s background or directly display a product mentioning the features and benefits. 
  4. Now once the home page is created, it will provide options for adding more and more pages to the home page. Navigation between these pages will be possible by scrolling or clicking custom buttons as per the design. 
  5. On each page, a header can be added with a meta description where the text content for the page is added. All the layout and design can be changed at any time and can be updated in real-time thus providing a lot of flexibility to the entire process. Also, no coding knowledge is required, so it is very simple for every business owner even for those not having a technical background.  
  6. When you are creating your store for the first time, it undergoes a scan by Amazon once you submit the website for publication. It takes at max a day’s time to review the entire storefront and check its authenticity before making the website available for the public. To make sure that you are always providing your customers with something engaging it is better to keep on updating the website regularly while adding interesting blogs and articles for the store visitors. 

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Creating an Amazon storefront is easy but a certain amount of details is required to make the customers trust the brand. Updating the landing page regularly is very important for improving customer engagement.