How To Choose The Best Transportation Service

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How To Choose The Best Transportation Service

Companies usually have regular transits, which are repeated periodically, or that are at least similar enough to be able to solve them with their most used transport services. But when we have to do a new type of shipment or when we rethink how we do our current shipments – something that we should do on a regular basis – we can see that the number of transport services at our fingertips can resemble a huge supermarket in which we hard to choose Keeping in mind the following rules will help you to be able to take the most appropriate transport service.

Also, you can prefer Heavy haulage that involves transporting oversized and overweight cargo, such as machinery or construction equipment, using specialized vehicles. These robust vehicles navigate challenging terrains, ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of massive loads.

What you should pay attention to for your transport services

The shipping characteristics themselves will help you determine which will be the best transport service for each occasion. These are some of the variables that you have to know how to interpret:

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Recipient’s location

The question of where to send it comes to anyone’s mind. Is it possible to get to the destination with all transport services? It is logical that it is very important to have an airport, station, or port nearby to consider its suitability for modes such as aircraft, rail or ivf courier service .

Although this principle also affects small scale. If we want to make a shipment to a central area of ​​a big city or to a small rural area with narrow streets, we have to keep in mind that a trailer, no matter how efficient it is when transporting many pallets, may be unable to reach the unloading points.


Distance is actually a tyrant in the choice of this or that transport service. If the sea is the king of long distances, the road actually monopolizes short distances. Similarly, the more miles we add to the road, the better the rail becomes a better option.

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How is your supply chain?

Not all supply chains are created equal. In fact, the logistics of one company may have completely opposite objectives to those of another. Some want to be the most cost-efficient to compete through price, while others want to provide ultra-fast delivery options, thus positioning themselves as a brand and assuming that their customers will agree to pay extra for these premium transport services. Some third party logistics companies like Red Stag go beyond the traditional logistics of transporting products from point A to B by offering services such as warehousing, shipping, fulfillment, and more. Visit for information about third party logistics.

Or perhaps our company’s supply chain wants to specialize in offering highly specialized and personalized products, which will also change the type of your logistics. It seems evident, for example, that the logistics chain concerned with offering many versions of the same product is hardly going to be the most cost-effective.

Sending criteria

Again we are faced with some variables that strongly determine the transport service to use. If we transport liquids in bulk we will be much closer to the world of boats and ships than to airplanes. However, pharmaceutical and health supplies, due to their size, weight, and urgency, can better support the costs of the plane.

In the same way, the dimensions and weight of your materials will define whether it is more appropriate to send them by parcel, palletized, in full loads, or in groupage – reserving truck meters for their special dimensions.

Tips for choosing transportation service

The above data will not be the only ones you should take into account. Below, we add some essential tips to optimize the way you choose and manage the transport ARK Cryo service you need. 

Assess multimodality

When choosing your transport service, do you take into account the possibility of resorting to multimodality? Using more than one method of transportation can be very efficient on certain journeys. Although studying the possible combinations and alternatives will require an initial dose of effort, you may find ways to optimize your journeys that would not be achievable using only one means of transport. 

Calculate the total cost

If when we talk about the cost you think exclusively of the carrier’s budget, you will be leaving aside other equally important factors. For example, going back to the assumption of a ship being delayed. What problems could we suffer from a delay? How much cost could we have with respect to the client both in the image and in lost business or sales? Do we have to face higher storage costs in order to have a margin of safety merchandise? 

Be an expert on what you send

When we talk about expert we mean when it comes to logistics and shipping. Surely most companies will already be experts on their products in terms of their characteristics for the customer or the market. However, we may not be so particular about how we get these products to market. 

What features do our products have? Do they fall within the category of dangerous goods? What legislation affects them? Does this legislation change in each country I ship to? What role do we have in the storage of the merchandise? Could we modify your packaging to optimize your logistics (increasing the number of products per box or per pallet)?

You will also benefit from everything you learn about logistics. Being able to know when it is convenient for you to resort to the express paletería or when you are going to be able to make the wait profitable until you accumulate merchandise for a full load (or knowing how to find the intermediate point between speed – not having to wait to fill the truck – and cost to use groupage services).

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